Potential Walt?

Gents, A friend of mine works with a guy who claims to be a ex 2 PARA and served in the Falklands. He says he was with H Jones just before his death. I'm told he seems to know quite a lot about it, but lets face it anyone can look up the details/read a book. My friend says one or two of the details don't stack up and asked me if I could find out any info. I haven't been able to find anything so far and just wondered if anyone could help. Afraid the details I have are very thin on the ground. He claims to have been at the 2007 reunion but again I can't find his name anywhere.

His name is NAME DELETED (MiB) and says he was a Sgt

Any help much appreicated.


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I suggest you grab him by the collar and hiss in his face ''I'm onto you, fucking Walter.''

If he batters you to within an inch of your life then you were probably wrong.

Failing that just ask to see his wings tat.
Unfortunatly I've never met the guy so no idea if he has the tat but it's a good starting point. Is there any official sites that would list out the guys who were down there at the time with 2 Para?


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So your first ever post comprehensively blows some bloke's persec and your second admits you've never even met him. Perhaps you might want to edit it a bit. Or maybe just fuck off?
Good thing you didn't forget your user name or password in the close on 3 years between joining ARRSE and making a post. Were you just mustering the courage to challenge a 'potential Walt' or have you got another username and this is your special Walt finding one? ARRSE member Walt, signs up, never makes a post. I've shit 'em.

I'm told he seems to know quite a lot about it........
If your friend can make that judgement then your friend should be doing any Waltfinding.

Or why don't you, as my my learned friend above said

............. just fuck off?
Are you going to post your real name? It seems only fair seeing as you have not only blown this chaps PERSEC but publicly called him a liar. That way if its proven that he is in fact an ex para he can have the opportunity to pop round and punch you in the throat.
Allowing for the obvious micro wah, the whole thing may well be a wah. If so, among the best ever. Curses!

Nah, more likely posted by a knob of the highest order.
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