Potential Walt - help needed.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by LeBastard, Oct 3, 2009.

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  1. Hey there,

    I recently made contact with a person I knew back when I was in Cadets, at the age of 18, he's made some pretty wide remarks.

    Firstly, he claims he went to Harrogate, and then joined the Royal Anglians (not sure what battalion). He claims to have done SAS selection (when he was around 16-17), and made it up to the E&E training where he left for 'personal reasons'. He now claims he left the Anglians because of a foot problem.

    He now claims he's in 2620 RAF Reserves Regiment, and seems to be clueless to what Flight and Wing he's in. His Facebook is plastered with Google image pictures of the SAS in CRW gear abseiling down buildings, as well as a load of H&K gear he probably got off an airsoft website. He seems to have an obsession with Them or is trying to convince people he was some kind of Lofty Wiseman.

    He has this picture posted on his Facebook, probably trying to convince people that it's him in it; google images? Anybody recognize the room?


    The only photos he has posted with him in them are of him in combats with an RAF beret - convincing, but with no tactical flash, ranks slide or any other insignia except the 'Royal Air Force' tab on his smock.

    I was wandering if anybody's heard of this guy, [Censored for now] from Norfolk, and whether you've come across him in his vast travels at such a ripe age. A lot of what he says really doesn't seem to ad up, and from what I can tell, he's been bragging big time about his 'winged dagger' experience. It's also a personal insult to me, seeing as if he was indeed not in the Anglians, he'd be impersonating someone from a regiment in which I've had close friends who've been killed (my motive for this whole thing in the first place).

    Hopefully you gentlemen and your connections will be able to uproot some of his fantasies. I'll leave you now with a picture of the culprit to show what we're dealing with here.
  2. He is hot .
  3. Its that bushy right eyebrow that does it for me
  4. Its the 'just in from the 'ghan and ripping off ma jacket' pose that is making my manpussy weep hot batter

    if this bloke bothers you mate, front him up, I have sent him a link and message on Facebook, chances are he can ping you and the pair of you can have it out away from my tired, half p*ssed eyes.

    Give us your background as well whilst we are at it, mouth.
  5. Well, that's a lie or he's the youngest Corporal ever.
  6. Hands off! He apparently has a smoking hot girlfriend, too!
  7. Oh dear!
  8. If you were "them" would you tell anyone ?
  9. Take his name down at least fella. Breach of site rules to ID a fella who MAY be serving. If he's not its a free fire zone.
  10. Yeah, that's Dinger's mate Spoony. Big lad, with the cock of a God.
  11. His hands seem well manicured so he might not be fibbing on the RAF bit
  12. The point he's making is he wasn't. But could've gotten in if he wanted. From going to Harrogate in November 08, he managed to be a trained Infantryman by early 09, and off to The Lap of God within a few days and magically at the last phase of training within a few weeks.
  13. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    Jonno you know Spoony lost his Length, on the Balcony!!!
  14. Only the tip mate; the rest of his turgid length was found on the stairwell. :D
  15. As in none existent or zero evidence?