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Hi everyone,

Im here to ask a question. I have been wanting to sign up since I can remember and now that I can the time has come! Im going to the AFCO on Friday to start but im a little unsure on something.

After long consideration of all regiments in the army I decided RE is the way to go, a soldier, a trade, and blowing shit up. I have been told you have to pick three trade choices incase you dont get one or so.

After some research (and all the boring parts) I decided TWO of my choices are

Armoured Engineer

but I cant think of a third. So can you all kindly share your experiences and what you think is good and bad. Maybe even criticise my choices. And please none of this "get a good trade for when you leave" I plan on joining the army and making a career not leaving.

Can you give any more details on the life of a chippy?

I mean the reasoning behind armoured and sparky is the fact that they use Combat engineering a lot aswell as their main trade and I want a fair share of both.
If you could give more details about chippy it would be much appreciated
I thought the third choice was meant to be from another corps, ie RA. Reason being is if you fail technical, or physical tests for one RE job you were likely to fail for the others?

Not expert advice by any means just what I was told when I went to my AFCO.


Become a Plant Operator. All the Field Mice wanted to be but just didn't have the heart to admit it! Big tonka toys, pies and heaters in winter. Bliss!!!
I have searched the site but couldnt find what I was looking for and thought I could ask. Sorry



no-one stopping you BUT we do not need to cover the same questions again & again.
Yeah Col I was considering that but do they get a fair share of combat engineering?

and I kept searching for stuff like "re electrician etc" instead of just putting electrician. Wont happen again bud!
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