Potential redhead rage due to 1771

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by AbsoluteJEM, May 31, 2006.

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  1. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!

    Does anyone know on average how long these things take to process? I currently have about 5 claims on the go amounting to approx £60 for travel claims. All from different units. (and yes requests were made for a warrant, but were not forthcoming)

    Due to the complete mongness of a certain Corps who shall remain nameless, my paperwork has gone missing (again) and they will not issue another rail warrant which is I suspect is down to sheer laziness. Hence I will soon be another £20 out of pocket.

    What are the chances of me seeing my money this side of Christmas? :cry: I remember getting my train fare reimbursed once and nearly fell over with shock.

    If anyone sees a small mushroom cloud over Westminster, it's because the JEM has gone nuclear.

    Shall I a) not bother with the trip or b) stuff myself silly, ponce drinks off every officer I come across and relieve the mess of £20 worth of silver forks? :twisted:

    Hope my fellow arrsers are having a better day!
  2. the cap badge in question would not be AGC would it :?: :?: :?: :?:
  3. JEM, I am still awaiting a claim from Dec 2004, what do you reckon my chances of seeing that money? Probably about the same as your claim getting paid out!
    I am that fed up with sloppy admin that I now no longer submit RESPOD claims. Having had my integrity questioned numerous times by individuals who are unable to grasp the concept of being called into work when on leave, and therefore refuse to pay the claim.

    Other horrible claim stories, when I questioned the fact that 27 hrs travel in 3 days got reduced to 2 x 5 hr claims, I got the answer “Well I can up it to 3 x 5 hrs to make it a bit better, as a favour to you” at this point I told them to “eff off and keep their eff-ing token concessions.” As you can imagine I was flavour of the month in the RAO’s dept after that outburst. Funnily enough next month I starting paying for a garage I no longer had and then spent 9 months trying to resolve that, obviously the 2 events (claim and pay cock ups) are unrelated!

    You are not alone in your problems. If JPA works 1% of the time it cannot do any more damage than the current situation.
  4. Took me seven attempts to get one claim as the paperwork went missing and NO a photocopy will not do
    Even asked them to sign a statement to say they had received them but they refused so i ran the risk and they got lost
    Im sure sometimes they lose them out of spite and as for being told by a staffy that if I dont like it im to sign off
    I just wonder if the CO knows shes dishing out career advice to his blokes???
  5. Piece of advice to all ask them to photocopy orignal and ask for reciept, they cannot refuse !!!!
  6. I always take a photocopy of mine before submitting the originals in case they lose them so at least I have the info to copy out correctly again! :wink:
  7. Unfortunately we do have more than our fair share of mutants in our Corps.

    Something to do with peanuts and monkeys I am told !!
  8. On average my staff pay all 1771's within 48 hours of receiving them. You then have to allow 3 working days for the banking system to process the claim so you should receive your money in 3 days.

    Best bet is to maintain a record of what you claimed for, when you submitted the claim and when you received your money.

    If the timings are excessive I would suggest that first of all you approach the RAO or AGC Det Comd, if that fails go and see your OC, have an Interview with him (get it put in his interview book) then get him to investigate.

    If you suffer financial hardship through you claim not being paid swifty (as long as you completed it to the best of your ability and had it countersigned before submission, you should put in a request for repayment of bank charges etc.

    Last resort...put in a redress of complaint.
  9. I am still waiting for payment of two hansom cab trips, with receipts mind you, a boat-train ticket and a single from Dover to Port Said. Unfortunately I purchased the tickets for another officer, Charles Gordon. Now the war office are saying they won't pay up unless he countersigns my claim. Fat chance...

    I've given up on the subsistence claims for the Relief of Mafeking. At present I'm 4s 83/4d down...
  10. Some of our chaps are away in a nice sunny place, including our fattest clerk. While he is away out thin clerk (yes they do exist) happened to discover some claims dating from Christmas (not certain which christmas) and the paperwork for several soldiers who have signed off (9 months ago in one case) I fear it isn't the system that is to blame, but in this case one incompetent lazy bstard, that the system allows to get away with this kind of negligence.

  11. My sentiments exactly read thread "Who's to blame".
  12. You obviously know that to get 5 hr claims that you had to have purchased food and that DRSA was not ED Pay for travelling. Were you out of pocket because you spent cash or do you see DRSA as extra cash for driving. If you have not been paid what your entitled to use the CoC.
  13. Was the fat lazy clerk disciplined, if not, why not. Don't tar all clerks with the same brush though. If clerks are crap, blame their bosses, if the bosses are crap, blame the CO. Everyone is accountable to someone.
  14. To much crap to pick a simple quote. but may I say hope I don't get into any difficultis with you bunch of 5 hour, "Oh dear I'm starving", claimers.

    Edited when sober, as it didn't make any sense. In fact it doesn't make much sense now.