potential recruits course

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Tinker, Sep 21, 2006.

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  1. Iv got a “potential recruits course” with The Kings Toop at the beginning of October, can anyone in the know tell me what this will entail and what I should take with me, as the letter I received from them was a little vague, and I want to try and avoid turning up with a removal van full of stuff! Thanks for any help.


  2. Ha ha ha Quality,

    Were you dry bummed?
  3. Ok ok enough of the KY jelly jokes! (Been to cost cutters and bought a huge tub! :wink: )

    Do I need to take jodhpurs and Wellingtons or jeans and boots?
  4. Take a horse - New Labour have sold the rest.

  5. Just a horsebox then! :? Il have to try and squeeze Brian the horse onto the train?!
  6. ah, the old ones are the best. send me an e-mail if you want any more info as these jokes will tear you apart if you ask for more info on this.
  7. I suggest "nipple clamps" and a "pool-ball gag", jodphurs/breaches are so last decade it's all arrsless leather chaps these days.

    You will be issued your nice studded lanyard and a leather No2 Dress hat (c/w chain chin strap) on completion of training.

    PS, don't bother with the KY, there's plenty to go around!