Potential recruits - blind? or just very, very stupid?

How should we deal with the mong recruit questions?

  • Make the Recruiting / familiarisation thread into font 48 and in red block capitals?

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  • Any user with less than 50 posts should be redirected to the above thread if they click the New Topi

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  • We should identify the potential recruit from their IP address, and their inability to find the recr

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  • Any long-serving users IP should be banned from creating new Mong Recruit identities just to wind pe

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  • Provide AFCOs and ACIOs with an information pack on what Int Corps recruits can expect on their Chic

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  • Cease recruiting completely :)

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Before CR mentions it, I pressed edit instead of quote from my last post.

Yes, I am a mong.

Yaddah, yaddah, yaddah.......
that's a wah right???
I propose "potential recruit punishment booths" be strategically positioned in ACIOs and AFCOs around the country. Potential slime recruits should be refered to this cunningly disguised booth to ask as many questions as they wish. Stupid and unthoughtout questions should be responded to with a mild automated james bond style reprimand.

Obviously they should not be advertised as punishment booths, but merely as an unassuming jazzed up game of command and conquer, with questiony bits added on.

Perhaps this idea is worthy of the GEMS.
Go and ask the ex-Acadamy RSM..

now feck off the pair of you. fecking snot nose, whining, pissy fecking pinko's


shenanigans said:
Talking of definitions...
Ive know the meaning but what is the exact definition of 'WAH'?????
Listen matey, chances are you won't get a straight answer here, but I guarantee - and I hope NTTT doesn't mind be saying this - that at the end of your interview at Chicksands you will be asked whether you have any questions for the interviewer. My advice is that you make a list of all these questions you're thinking up now, type it out and hand it to whoever interviews you. It will demonstrate foresight and the ability to self-organise.
..and confirm in their own mind that you are not suitable for further training with the Intelligence Corps. Thank you for your time. Perhaps you'd like to consider being a dog handler..
Just a quickie, CR, CPunk or anyone else that can answer: What is it with the sudden massive influx with recruiting questions? Have you started taking in everyone that applies for the Army or just had a massive influx of potential recruits??
I think it is just an influx of journo's deciding to write a story on the "Military Intelligence" again.

Or maybe we have lowered the bar regarding standards for potential recruits. With the over commitment of troops by That Cnut Bliar everybody suffers shortages.



War Hero
shenanigans said:
Talking of definitions...
Ive know the meaning but what is the exact definition of 'WAH'?????
Is it not in the Arrsepde?? I'll think you'll find that it is big lad!

Shenanigans is Davros in disguise! Using a Nom De Plume to ask the questions he always wanted to, but couldn't as a MOD


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