Potential recruits - blind? or just very, very stupid?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Aug 7, 2006.

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  1. Make the Recruiting / familiarisation thread into font 48 and in red block capitals?

  2. Any user with less than 50 posts should be redirected to the above thread if they click the New Topi

  3. We should identify the potential recruit from their IP address, and their inability to find the recr

  4. Any long-serving users IP should be banned from creating new Mong Recruit identities just to wind pe

  5. Provide AFCOs and ACIOs with an information pack on what Int Corps recruits can expect on their Chic

  6. Cease recruiting completely :)

  1. That's 3 mongs just in one day.

    Clearly the layout of the Int Corps forum index is extremely confusing.

    Budding intelligence operators are obviously flummoxed by the nonsensical layout of the "front page", and are incapable of finding any advice on recruiting / selection / attending Chicksands / what we do / what colour our hat is :) (despite it being prominently stickied to the top of the page)

    So what should the Mods do?
  2. Could also try making the recruitment thread a bit less full of shite answers and piss takes and more like an FAQ thread.
  3. sorry there was only room for 6 options.
  4. For what its worth I agree with Quincy, keep these forums for p*ss taking etc and leave the stickys for sensible s*it. I would help prevent certain parties getting themselves all upset abou nothing in particular.
  5. Oooooohh! CR's been put back in his (gimp) box!

    He won't be pleased.

  6. In the real world, intelligence collection and analysis involves searching through tonnes of useless information to get the one golden nugget that proves to be vital. In the arrse world you simply use the search function to sort the wheat from the chaff.
  7. or if you're a new recruit, you don't even bother doing that. you just ask someone and hope it will all be handed to you on a plate.

    morning spunky :) hardly surprising you sided with the lazy section is it? ;)
  8. The ARRSE search funtion isn't the best mate. Even when it does find something, you've still got to trawl throught the whole thread which can be around 30 pages long filled with a 1:29 useful:bitter-bollox ratio.

    I've spend ages looking through the site and yep, it's saved me asking some really stupid questions, but sometimes people ask for a bit of reassurance on what they're doing from those who they consider to be the seasoned professionals. It's a pretty scary step for those applying for service and they're bound to be a little scatter-brained at first trying to sift the wheat from the chaff. Perhaps a whole section for "New Recruits and Applicants" would help?

    As for the sticky's - it's dead easy to miss them as just part of the forum header, and not twig that the info you might need is hidden deep within their bowels. Perhaps just having a few people who are allowed to write in the sticky's would keep the dross and banter to the main threads?
  9. Well when I went through recruit and Trade training we didn't have the luxury of all this modern day tecnology, to find tha answers. We just had to turn up and get on with it. That is probaly what distinguishes the older generation from alot of the sh1te that is being pushed out of Chicksands now. Gentelmen (and Ladies) think for yourselves. As previuosly stated on othet threads, the Corps are looking for independant thinkers and those with analytic ability.
  10. I would suggest that the buddy-buddy system is used during basic training, but I would not recommend choosing the arrse search function as a best mate. It will probably let you down when checking that your NBC suit hood and respirator are sealed correctly.

    Is it really? :roll:
  11. Chuffed to fcuk I got out before the iPOD generation were upon us.

    I thought Crayonic said he was from the Bill

    If you think applying for service is a bit scary, just wait until its 3 am and the chinook has just dropped you and 30 others off in Helmand Province. Mrs Sonic says it must nearly be as bad as doing the night shift in part of Sarf London.

    Hurrumph didn't have the interweb in my day!

    Do they still do contact sport at school?

    do I detect a hint of LMF?

    I think these threads are to be encouraged, if we can capture IP addresses it will certainly help on the filter process @ Chix.
  12. Or could play real dirty and bung some duff info in and see how many regurgitate it at their interviews!
  13. "Potential recruits - blind? or just very, very stupid?"

    Perhaps, not recruits ask it?
    And those who should know more about the Int Corps?
    These silly questions of "recruits" is a way to extract the information?


  14. Hang on!! Are you accusing me of being a Journo??

    Wineo yes, journo HELL NO!!

    How dare you!!
  15. Journo's the lot of 'em.

    Make them write their own articles!! Lazy feckers