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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by white_rolos, Sep 17, 2007.

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  1. Chaps. as an old fossil that has been out for a few years now, I have been asked to take a young relative to an ACIO in Manchester. Any ideas where it is and is there any recruiters on this site?? cheers
  2. There is an AFCO in Manchester, just off Deansgate - Peter Street I think!
  3. Cheers mate. sorted now.
  4. Best thing to do is book a reception and go in and speak to the recruiters mate as there is a lot of information , brochures to get. Just remember there is no obligation at all but if he's interested they can get the ball rolling with the BARB test and basic skills. There are plenty of Ex recruiters and still serving recruiters on here but if you have any specific Questions PM me.
  5. Just be switched on, some recruiters are pretty mean to start with ;) Or intimidating :p
  6. Only to the ones like you who continually talk sh*te RE. :wink:

    As a matter of fact it was regarding a chair.

    Trust me.. lol.. I occasionally pass the misinformed piece of information in a QUESTIONABLE Fashion.. but hey.. doesn't everyone? :cry: :wink:
  8. All sorted. Bumped into a 9 para wedgie there so I think he is ready to wallpaper some walls in a village in afghan...
  9. Help!!

    I went for recruitment at Pirbright and was deferred for being 3lbs overweight. I was told to go away lose the weight and then I would be able to come back.

    I lost the weight within a couple of weeks, and was hoping to be able to go back and try again, that was 4 months ago! I ring my AFCO every week in hope that the recruiting Sjt has a date for me.....but nothing. Can anyone tell me why it's taking so long for me to get a date for recruitment.

    I'm desperate to join up! I would be so grateful for any advice or info you might have!

  10. Ask your recruiter, when your likely to go on selection
  11. Laura it will all depend on what was put on your report from selection centre, maybe there is a deferrment period on there ie minimum of six months set by the med wing. Your best bet is to go in and speak face to face with your recruiter and get the full picture. He will have to check your BMI and then do a change of circumstances interview prior to you returning. Things have changed over the last year since I left recruiting so maybe a current recruiter is aware of different procedures than like this I had. Just ensure your ready physically and mentally prepared and fingers crossed all will be well.
  12. 3lbs? that seems alittle harsh, during basic your probably lose more than that! afterall, isnt that what basic is for? - to get fitter, slimmer / toned etc...
  13. I'd say you might lose less than that, considering you are putting on muscle aswell :oops: (Which weighs more than fat)
  14. 3lbs does seem a tad harsh.

    Especially if you were able to shed it in a few weeks.

    Keep asking the recruiter, and keep keeping fit. Don't become disheartened with the system.

    Do they still give out that fitness programme for pot-recruits?