Potential recruit waves,,,

Discussion in 'Officers' started by welshblokemiles, Nov 15, 2005.

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  1. While on a Familiarisation visit in deepcut, a TA officer woman said to us "The funniest thing in the world is a british army soldier". Ive spent an hour on this site and Im starting to get the picture.....!

    Anyway, my main point is I am trying for sandhurst to be an officer, (maybe ill get booed and jeered for this, dunno!) . Fitness is my only problem. im a fat bastard (relatively), too much curry, if i sort that then i'd try the rcb breifing.

    any reccomendations which arm to go for? ive been to Logistics and signals near dorset. The signals is more my line of work, as I have a lot of IT skills, probably far more than I'd need. But I actually got on a lot better with the loggies, they seemed a bit more human. However, drviing bed pans round hostile countries wasnt my idea of a life experience. So its a conundrum.

    But then as ive been told, the officer job is pretty much the same whatever your doing.

    So any snippets of advice please send them my way, I'll respond in kind to give a better picture of where i'd be suited, hopefuly. Oh, and any fitness advice you want to give me also! im running about once or twice a week, though i work evenings late and dont get back till 11.30pm. so im buggered if im gonna run before work! sure ill get torn to pieces for that.....

    take it easy.....
  2. My advice? stick to the curries and civvy street mate, unless you fancy being prosecuted for war crimes at some time in the future... or fragged by some disenchanted SNCO....
  3. Apart from spelling and grammar.
  4. Snippets of advice:

    Capitals for proper nouns - Deepcut, British Army etc.
    "I" is always written with a capital letter.
    Use a few more apostrophes - ill is different to I'll.
    Start sentences with capitals.
    Spell "reccomendations" with one "c" and two "m"s.
    Abbreviations are usually (but not always) in capitals - RCB.
    Don't use the term "gonna" if you want to get through Sandhurst.
    Use the correct words. "drviing bed pans round hostile countries" uses more fuel than "drviing (sic) bed pans around hostile countries."
    If you can't spell, use a spell checker - YOU'RE AN IT EXPERT, FFS.

    The Army will teach you where to put one, two or three spaces between words and will probably spend a full day explaining that you MUSTN'T underline a full stop.

    Now starting to realise that fitness isn't your only problem? ;)

    You will also need to brush up on current affairs. Only those in the big newspapers seem to count.

    Edited to add: Flowers (next post): there were two extra copies of this post, resulting from the arrse server leaving me in limbo - (when in doubt, press every available button). (But don't tell Dubya)
  5. He he he you also need to not post twice as demonstrated by putteesinmyhand ;-) :lol:

    Anyway, I digress, welshblokemiles you need to carry reading a bit further down the index and have a peek in the officer forum. In there at the top the delightful mods have created a few stickies. Since the kind of things you're asking about are pretty much FAQs, so first things first have a read through those!

    Also this and the current affairs forum will keep you pretty updated with 'what is going on in the world', read them a lot. The health & fitness forum will cover you with everything from building up your running mileage to loosing the extra pounds.

    Added to that there are a few of us on here who are in the same situation as you (although one hopes my spelling is better!) get yourself into chat once in a while too! There are a few users on here, although it is constantly changing, who are either pre RCB, RCB stage, or entrance into RMAS, that are about and have a lot of advice etc on the matter. (e.g. Bombard and Tricam)

    edited to add he's removed the extra post now - dammit! ;-)
  6. Lay off the pies, fatso.

    Hope this helps.
  7. Define "lot of IT skills"
  8. Lol, nothing like getting my arse handed to me on my first day! Okay, I'll give the spelling thing a go. Cheers for the advice, I'll have a nose at the other forums. Lot of I.T. skills? Software Engineering, Web Application programming, Networking and TCP/IP Protocol, Linux Operating Systems, PC Hardware, 3D Modelling and Windows Server Administration skills. That covers most of them.
  9. Don't waste your time with the rlc , the sigs could make some use of that I'm sure
  10. Better still, just tell me how to set up my wireless network. I've got three laptops and a desktop to talk to the internet via a woodworking tool (router) but they don't talk to each other.

    Please write your solution slowly as I'm not very fast on the keyboard, avoid abbreviations because I've got a bad memory, only use words that have been in use for at least 30 years and stick to primary colours ('cos I'm a bloke).
  11. My guess is mate, the all the machines are on a different Workgroup. When you say they cannot talk to each other, do you mean you each cannot see each other's files? Do this on all machines: press on the start menu button, press 'Run'. Then type 'command' and press enter. Type 'ipconfig' and tell me what it says for each. In fact, where it says 'IP Address . . .', the number after that is the number for that machine (on hopefully the right connection). From another machine, type in this command box 'ping xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx', where x is the address for a machine. If it says reply, then the machines are indeed talking to each other, which I suspect.

    To change Workgroup, (and all your machines should be on the same Workgroup to share files), press right button on the 'My Computer' icon on your Desktop, or from your start menu. Press properties, then click the 'Computer Name' tab. Then press 'workgroup', and ensure the same is entered for both.

    I'll be on for a little while longer tonight. Watching bad quality British freeview porn no doubt.
  12. Yes, but the Signals Officers seemed a little bit 'up themselves', except the geekey but jolly lass that took care of us for the two day visit. I had a better time at the loggies. Perhaps it was because I went to the Signals first, and it was a shock to the system. It was quite an experience the first time round. I'd never met anyone from the army!
  13. Just working with two computers at the moment.

    Pinging came back with "Request timed out" three times.
    Both computers have the same workgroup name. (Is this allowed to be the same name as the wireless network?)
  14. Hmm. Try going into your wireless router page. From either machine, get an Internet window up and put in the address or if that does not work, try, and see if you can find the DHCP table. This should confirm you have both machines on at the same time. Try to ensure you use the same wireless Network ID as well. You may find one of the machines is indeed using the Internet, but using next door's wireless router instead.
  15. MSN Search can't find either address. Both are going through the router (one via ethernet) as I lose the internet connection when the router is switched off.