Potential recruit...questions.

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by MrBlack, May 11, 2005.

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  1. Hello all.

    I am thinking signing up, with interest the Int. Corps. Had a scan of the Int. section of the recruitment webpage but it contained little info on what a soldier in the Int. Corps does day-to-day, just a list of job-titles really. So if you kind people would indulge me, I have a few questions.

    Does it mostly involve analyse of information already collected by other recon. units? The collection of info, or a mixture of both? Is there a good verity roles and work within roles, or am I likely be spending my days (and years) going over pictures of desert with a magnifying glass?

    I have fairly good academic qualifications (i.e. BA in History (Uni. of Bristol)), but cannot speak/read any foreign languages. Would that be a serious disadvantage? Would I have opportunities/be expected to learn one, or more, if I joint?

    How does the average intel. Soldier spend his average day?

    Thank you, in advanced, for your time.
  2. First thing to remember about the average Int Corps soldier's day is that he or she should be observant and situationally aware at all times. Examples of this might include noticing the 'sticky' about Int Corps recruiting which is a couple of centimetres above this thread you've started.

    Having said that... the Int Corps has a wide range of roles so it would be impossible to nail down a 'typical' day. You might spend it listening to radio transmissions, you might spend it glueing maps together or you might spend it looking at 'pictures of desert with a magnifying glass'.

    Not speaking a foreign language is not a serious disadvantage: if the Corps wants you to know one, you will be taught it, provided you have demonstrated the aptitude. I must say that I'm surprised that you have a BA in history but can't speak or read a foreign language: it used to be a course requirement.

    If you are seriously thinking about joining the Corps, make contact with an ACIO who will be able to give you a detailed brief on the Int Corps' requirements.
  3. When not painting landrovers, in your spare time , you will be expected to master a secret language that, it's proponents will tell you, will allow you to communicate with all races, creeeds and strata of society.

    You will be expected to master the craft < Microsoft Power Point> within 3-6 years. Only then will you be brought into the inner sanctum of the few who have been closley indoctrinated in the most secret ways of the "spell checker".

    "spell checker" is a tightly guarded NSA / GCHQ programme, know only in the highest echelons of intelligence and security. Developed in an anonymous building in Linthicum, Maryland, " spell checker" is reputed to have replaced a program known as "northern grammar school education".

    < see also Fowler's-Modern-English-Usage>

    There is plenty of time for sport and you can look forward to sailing: close to the wind, running: other people down, jumping: to conclusions as well as more competitive events like swimming through the mire.

    For those interested in more solitary sports there is plenty of opportunity for social climbing. There is always plenty of opportunity for amateur dramatics, both on the stage, in the auditorium with the lights out, when everyone else has gone home <Sir!! :oops: > and for those who prefer light comedy or pantomine you can always get your drop-leg holsters out!

    No two days and no two jobs are ever the same
    < has anyone seen the map store key??>
  4. But on the positive side you'll never ever have to bitch about lack of resources or backup from your higher formations. Nor, of course, will you ever be labelled a cynic. You'll love it :D.
  5. Not anymore, check this out.


    I did history and I never needed a foreign language :wink:
  6. Very few people on my history course could use a foreign language to a worthwhile level, except, of course, for the foreign students who, generally, could not speak or write in English particularly well.

    I never really found it to be much of an issue, despite specialising in medieval French and Ren. Italian history, as most important sources have been translated.

    chickenpunk: I did notice the other thread, I just wanted to make my own. Attention seeking probably. Anyway, what is a ACIO?

    Thanks for your time.

  7. Its recce. Spams have recon. We have recce. Horrible americanism.
  8. army careers information office (basical tri service shared )if im correct, and security is quite entertaining we,ve had some comedy cases this week but its not how the careers centre make it out to be most of the time its quite repetative but has its benefits.
  9. It is not so much an Americanism, as an abbreviation.
  10. Its an American abbreviation.
  11. Christ almighty! Next thing you'll be telling me is that you no longer have to attend examinations in full evening dress...
  12. It's no big deal: simply that I've designated that as a no-bullsh1t thread. Out here, you take your chances with a gang of cynical, embittered and downright nasty Green Slimers.
  13. Excellent! I'm glad I've applied - I'll fit in a treat. :lol:
  14. Involves secret handshakes, dressing as a tree, communication with 2 soup cans and a piece of string.

    Cheers 2CB