Potential recruit needing advice.

This is my first time on this forum & i'm needing a bit help.
I've decided that i'm going to join up, however i'm stuck between the infantry & engineers.
My first choice is def infantry, and would see this as a long term career move. However all i hear is bad things about army life, i.e poor living conditions, boredom e.t.c
This is where the R.E come in, if i was to join as an engineer ( i have the qualifications) then at least if i were to leave after four years, then i would be leaving with a trade.
What i'm really asking is what army life is really like. Infantry is without doubt what i want to do & i realise the hard work involved , i just want to know what lifes like when you're not working?

Any replies would be appreciated, cheers.
If the Infantry is your thing - do that - true there is no call for a GPMG commander in civvy street but you have a long time ahead of you in which you can switch trades and re-badge. I will let other people tell you about life when youre not working - I seem to be in a minority that thinks being in the army is MUCH easier than a real job in civvi street ( with the exception of operations that is ).
Infantry = Little qualifications upon leaving (I'm not saying none, the Army have a good resettlement package where they will teach you to be more civvie-ish and give you a trade). Failing that you could find work in the Private security sector upon leaving the infantry...

The infantry is a good lifestyle, but you'll get the most from it if you stick at it, its not much of a short term job if you are wanting to be a civvie after four years.

Boredom? Somtimes, but you'll welcome those days as it beats digging a fire trench then living in it.

Poor living conditions? That doss bag and dry set of combats will look like Jennifer Annistons Tits and open welcoming arms after you've been tabbing all day. Thats in the field, on Camp everyones getting converted to the new type Accomodation. Which in simple non army type terms means you get a room to yourself, a double bed, onsuite bathroom, and a kitchen that you share with your mucker next door + internet connection and sky as optional extras (Subject to availability and not being a cnut that no one, especially the CSM, actually likes)

If you are looking at leaving after 4 years then join the Ninjaqueers, you'll get a trade, they'll make you feel special and warry by adding the word "Combat" infront of your trade.

Hope that helps a little.
Well, then join the RE, and after training if you still want to run around shooting things, go for 59 Commando, or 9 Para Sqn RE.
The correct trade title is actually Military Engineer. And you will find we are respected by all other memebers of the Army, with a reputation for both playing and working hard.

You'll also learn learn how to blow stuff up, lay mines, booby traps and do the infantry thing as well.

Also, you will get treated slightly more grown-up in the Engineers, and there are tons of things you can do - Bomb disposal, Diver, Commando, clerk of works.

I'm glad I served in the RE and not the infantry.
You've already made your mind up - that's why you've posted on the Infantry Forum and not on the Sappers. You just want someone else to tell you that you've made the right decision - though you're going to get very biased responses (perhaps that was your plan).

It's a simple choice. Infantry or Adultery? ;)
Thanks for the quick replies.
I'm not looking to leave in 4 years, i'll soon be 23, and i see this as my career, i would initially be looking to stay the full 22 years. It's just that i've been hearing so much bad press, it began to put a few doubts in my head.
Thanks again for the replies.
amazing__lobster said:
Well, then join the RE, and after training if you still want to run around shooting things, go for 59 Commando, or 9 Para Sqn RE.
Since when do 9 Sqn and 59 Cdo run around shooting things! The infantry run around 'shooting things'. The Engineers are there to help them achieve that!
If its what you really want, then no one should put you off of it. Ignore the press, what the feck do they know other than what they see on bads lad army? Fecking wasters.

P.S Im new here, I can swear till my hearts content right? Atleast in the Infantry forums?
While 23 is a long way off being old, I'd think seriously about taking the RE route. You're still young enough to resent being ordered about by someone younger than you and the people you'll be joining with will typically be 5-6 years younger than you. (When you finished your GCSEs, they were still at Junior school). Age difference is less noticable with the RE and if you're intending to do the full 22, promotion prospects are A LOT better.
Infact you'll find that quite a few civvie qualified tradesmen join the RE. I think at 17, I was actually quite young compared to some of the others.

Have you also considered REME?

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