Potential PTIs Course

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Magic-Monkey, Feb 25, 2010.

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  1. Fellas

    New to the site, but looking for a quick bit of advice.

    Down to attend the above course this weekend and was just wondering what other than activites other than PFT, CFT and MST take place during the weekend


  2. Are you doing the Strensall one ?

    1. To assess potential TA Basic PTI’s in preparation for the TA Basic PTI course.
    2. All ranks
    3. Must be FE and keen to undertake the TA basic PTI course.
    4. TA Basic PTI’s bidding to attend the TA Intermediate PTI course are recommended to attend this
    course as ASPT PTI fitness standards have increased.
    5. On successful completion of the course the potential PTI will have been assessed on the following
    PTI tests and will be aware of what areas require additional training before attending the 2 week TA Basic
    PTI course at the Army School of Physical Training (ASPT).
    a. TA PTI Fitness Test comprising:
    (1) Press Ups - Minimum of 44 repetitions in 2 minutes.
    (2) Sit Ups - Minimum of 50 repetitions in 2 minutes.
    (3) 2.4 km Run - In 10 minutes 30 seconds or less.
    b. Military Swimming Test (MST).comprising:
    Dress Combat 95 shirt & trousers, enter water, tread water for 2 mins, then complete a 50 m swim
    without touching the bottom or sides of the pool and then exit the pool without assistance within 4
    c. Combat Fitness Test (CFT).
    Dress Combat 95 carrying CEG weight1 over an 8 mile (12.8km) route to be completed in a minimum
    of 1 hr 55mins/ maximum 2 hrs.
    6. A two day centralised course.
    7. Course will be run from Deverell Bks, Ripon.
    8. Nil but MATT 2 (Fitness) results will be recorded and forwarded to Units.
    9. 15.
    1. CEG weight is as laid down in Matt 2 for the relevant Arm Service, TA Basic PTI’s being assessed for the
    Intermediate course will be required to carry 25 kg.

    Sorry, its not Strensall its Deverall.
  3. Yes mate joining instructions say Strensall

    I was just wondering what happens between phys sessions, is there much classroom time or is is back to the block

    Plus never been to Strensall

  4. No idea MM, not done it myself.
  5. It is worth learning different muscles, groups, functions and familiarise yourself with anatomy and physiology terms. Just being able to run does not make a good PTI.
  6. You'll learn the followimng phrases:

    Twice around my beautiful body GO
    -I've talked enough about me, now its your turn
    -Don't confuse your rank with my authority ( usually followed some hours later by, "why am I doing extras? )
    -The Cookhouse / NAAFI / accomodation is that way ( accompanied by 1. raising the right arm parallel to the ground, beding upper arm to 90 degrees and then pointing, thus flexing your biceps, or 2. Rotating both hands, with index finger exteneded, in a small circle in front of you. The end position will have both fingers pointing out said location, and you'll have simultaneously puffed out your chest to maximum deflection angle.
    - No, I can only read it if its says "Oooh, Corporal you are lovely"

    You will also learn how to iron those little vests and ( totally ungay ) shorts. You'll become completely proficient in polishing full-length mirrors, and will develop a near psychic ability to detect *any* mirror within 200 meters. You will be taught that if you constanty check your SUUNTO altimeter GPS timer watch camera ( with numbers 'cause you confuse Mickeys' Big and Little Hand ) you can, again, puff out your chest / bicep / tricep as you draw your forearm level with your pecs.
  7. Wouldnt bother learning any of the above,this is all covered on the Basic PTI course during the lectures and it is put across in a way which you will understand during said lectures.
  8. Is the failure rate so high that a w/end is needed to weed out unsuitable applicants?

    Good luck to anybody on the w/end, but at a time when money is tight, doing this w/end in addition to the course itself looks, at least at first glance, like a bit of a luxury. (Happy to be corrected if this is a better method than high course loading, and weeding people out on the first few days.)
  9. It is very, very demanding.
  10. If you turn up without putting training in before hand you will fail,four to five pt sessions a day,lectures in between and plenty of written work to do on a night does start to wear you down. We only lost two people on the course one due to injury and the other bloke would freeze solid when he stood infront of a group of people,not a good point if you want to be a pti. You are taught how to teach it's not just about getting beasted although l would get your trainers on and hit the road beforehand. The training staff are some of the best l have seen and you do have a laugh. I would highly reccomend doing the course,and at the end you get a very tight very white vest to prance around in.
  11. Cheers Tom

    Have you do the PPTI's weekend, I assume there isnt really that much time for much more than the basic tests to weed out the non starters before the actual course starts.
  12. Best advise you can get from Tom, when I did mine, I just concentrated on running, press ups and sit ups for 3 months before the course, binned all other CV and weights etc.

    I wouldnt try and kick the arrse of of your PFT either, as long as your over the pass mark by a few notches I would reserve some energy for your CFT and MST.
  13. To be honest Rog. (magic monkey) your going to **** it up big style. I mean I dragged your ass through pre para :D
  14. Thanks for that KT you feckng SPROG!!

    Standby Go!!!!
  15. Before attempting this course you should consider this; can you afford the personal grooming and hair products and self tanning lotions that this qualification requires?