Potential PTI course standards for course loading

Good evening,

Please could anyone, pref PTI or PT Corps,
tell me the minimal standard required to be loaded onto a AAPTI course please.
Also max age to attend course if there is one.

Have a great weekend


Surely the place to go would be you gym and speak to your QMSI? If you can get him away from the mirror and bryl cream you might be able to get an answer.
keeffy said:
I believe that you have to have:

A Deep bronze tan
B Nice hair ( Any up to date style acceptable)
Not quite mate...I had already started to lose my hair when I did my course, I managed to pass but it did affect my overall course report!!

Agreed on the tan though...ability to fill out a white vest is also essential as is an immunity to the hatred you'll feel from the lads in your coy / sqn !!
crow_bag said:
Surely the place to go would be you gym and speak to your QMSI? If you can get him away from the mirror and bryl cream you might be able to get an answer.
Well Brains, that was my first port of call Monday, but as its Saturday I thought I would give this a go first. As crazy as it sounds!
Are you thick as a whale omlette?


Sorry PTI is not for you then!
Officially, you just need to be able to pass your PFT and (8 Mile) CFT.

In practice, I reckon you need around 9:30 on the Run and 70-80 Press and Sit Ups, thats just a guess though.
you need to be able to pas the under 21 male PFT - thats 44 press ups 50 sit ups and a run time of under 10.30! and complete and 8 mile CFT with 45llbs carrying a rifle and helmet! and MST!

(I failed my assesment this weekend!) but thats why I went to see how far off my training is and where to imoprove!

however when you get to the course if you fail the first day you if you get at least the PFT pass of a male you age you can stay but you MUST Pass the higther stadard before the end of the week.

fail CFT or MSt and you are RTU'd.
civi-in-green said:
heidtheba said:
civi-in-green said:
grumpy pickle...This is for Regular AAPTI not TA.
Why you asking c-i-g?
Maybe interested in the course...You still sticking fans under your blamket on Saturday mornings?
Nah, mate a grown up now :D

Just to add, standards are as previously stated.

The CFT is the major change as its AA now.

Must pass with 25kgs.
Ok, joking answers aside, these are the standards for the AAPTI cse (as of Monday 21/4) from the PT School.

There is a new procedure on arrival at the PT School, when you turn up you will undergo a *proper* PFT. By proper, I mean your form for the exercises must be perfect, or the exercises will not be counted. And, just to make sure, every candidate is assessed by either an APTCI or someone undergoing their PTI Class 1. So, no cheating.

There are three avenues you can go down:

1) You pass the PFT to PTI standards first time (50 press-ups (again, proper ones!), 60 sit-ups, and 2.4km in under 9.30. If you manage this, you then go onto the CFT on the Wednesday, no problems.
2) You pass the PFT to 'normal' standards, (between 44 and 49 press-ups, between 50 and 59 sit-ups, and between 9.31 and 10.30), you will then be re-tested on the Tuesday, if you fail to reach PTI standards, you will be RTU'd.
3) You fail to pass the PFT to 'normal' standards, in which case you will be RTU'd.

So, to reiterate, the standards are: 50 press-ups, 60 sit-ups and a 9.30 run. You will also complete a normal CFT with infantry weight (25kg), between 1hr 55 and 2hrs. Again, no tricks.

I can't state strongly enough how important your form on the exercises will have to be, if they're not perfect, they will not count the exercise. It's pretty simple, if you don't do them correctly, you'll be getting nowhere, and tiring yourself in the process.

Hope that helps!

Barrack Room Lawyer said:
No MST anymore then?
Yes, sorry! Completely forgot that, in general the PT school are quite forgiving on the MST. If you fail it, generally you will be given a retest. But, there's no guarantee. You also must take, and pass, the Combat Military Swim Test:

Using a bivvy bag, create a flotation pack with your bergen inside it (you will be shown how to), enter the pool. You will be wearing CS95, no boots or socks. Tread water, without holding onto your flotation pack for two minutes, then swim fifty hundred metres towing your flotation pack. Then, under your own power, remove the bergen from the pool, and then haul yourself out. Doddle.

kingburn_99 said:
does head have to be up and looking forward for press-ups because they are a * killer compared to looking at the floor!?

Yes. Looking forwards, hands underneath the shoulders, ninety degree bends in the arms, body straight. They can (and probably will) deduct press-ups for incorrectly performed exercises, ie body angles, not returning to the start position after a rest, hands too wide apart, not far enough down, looking at the floor, etc.

Best practice is to start by doing maybe ten "perfect" press-ups, making sure to observe your form, or get your unit PTI to observe it, then build that up to the required number over time.


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