Potential Photography Day

I have been asked by a few members if I would put on a photography day. I can do this and have a venue that will supply lunch. However I will need to know numbers and there will also be a charge to cover lunch etc.

If people are interested please reply to the thread, this is a serious offer so please do not crayon across the thread.
Looking at April May when weather and potential subjects are a bit more prominent.
Will be Cambridge area, the venue is Clavering Lakes about 4 mile from Saffron Walden
I intend to cover composition, technique, camera settings, lenses. Subjects will be landscapes, and wildlife. Models are not my strong point.
It's also nice to have someone with local knowledge, I miss so many places otherwise

Don't know that area so could be nice, as long as it's a date I can book off

p.s. If someone wants to shoot models sometime, I've got Bowens studio lights with a huge battery pack that can be used outdoors, you don't need to hire a studio, often urbex locations are fun enough...
Subject to a lot of things that won't be firmed up until closer to the time, I'd like to join in please.

I used to consider myself a whizz in the days of 35mm but a combination of bad habits using digital compacts and a lack of understanding of the multitude of settings on digital cameras leaves me able to get the quality I NEED to get for work but not the quality I WANT to get for pleasure. In short, it's about 40 years since I took a photo that I'd want to put in a 8"x10" frame.
I will firm up dates, costs and group size after the Xmas break.
Will hopefully have something soon, the weather and time are the driving force. I don't want people turning up to sit drinking tea and do nothing all day.

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