Potential persec and S.O.P. risk....

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by sillyboy, Sep 27, 2007.

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  1. Had it on good authority that the guy looking for lads to go to Afghanistan (GSS, a few days ago on this forum) is looking for persec info and a chat about S.O.P.s, give it a wide berth by all accounts, Im going to give the relevant authorities a nod tomorrow.
  2. Cheers for the heads up. Have you reported it to the Mods?
  3. I pinged him an email, out of curiosity, he emailed me back:

    Dear All

    Thank you for the email's. Trying to find key people who are leaving the Army or have left with suitable service history is always a little difficult. I can tell you in brief that GSS is newly formed security company about to start operations in KAF Afghanistan within the next few week's. Due to the amount of emails I will try to answer some of the most common questions the best I can. I must point out that all information on the force protection work will be discussed in Cambridge on 6-7th of Oct 2007 during the interview. Please excuse me If I don't answer all your questions in detail in this email

    Common questions asked:

    1) Who is the proposing company? and its Director? GSS Established in 2007 (Global Security Services) Operation Name

    2) Is there already a contract for force protection work? This will be a new contract but the force protection contract is currently in the final stages. I can not say if there is one now due to security reasons.

    3) Who is the contract provider? I can only disclose this information during the interview due to ongoing contract security issues

    4) Is the force protection unit employed under the MNF "umbrella"? Multi National Force under ISAF. Further information will be supplied on the interview

    5) What is the terms of the six month contract ? (i.e. six months permanent deployment etc etc) Six months permanent deployment renewable

    6) What is the rate of pay for this role? Rate of pay 5000 USD TAX free paid in cash only

    7) What position's are available for ex infantry? Force protection entry and exit to secure areas. Camp mobilization planning North and South, Establishing base location areas for private contractors and supply's.

    8) Will we be issued uniforms? All GSS personnel are issued British Military clothing and combat PPE in desert cam of the highest standard possible

    9) What weapons will we use? M15 ARC Carbines or AK 47 with 9mm side arm depending on the location

    10) What are the dangers involved? All combat areas are dangerous and any skilled Ex Military personnel will already have adapted to this environment and spent time in theater

    11) Insurance are we covered in that country: All personnel working for GSS are insured up to 150 thousand USD by operational contract. The company is insured up to 10 million US Dollars public liability

    12) Medical Care? All dental and medical work is taken care of by the British Army Medical Center and Aero Med

    13) Can I take Emergency leave? Emergency leave will be granted as soon as a back up team member is available to take over your role and a flight booking has been confirmed

    14) Termination of contract? GSS may terminate the contract after providing not less then (2) weeks notice.

    All new GSS personnel will be required conduct the following basic tests on arrival:

    A evening 4 Kmh run within a limited time.
    Electronic CQB drills in state of the art training range using M15 AR Carbine.
    30 press up's straight after the 4 Kmh run.
    Weapons Confidence drills AK 47 an M15 ARC.
    Weapons Confidence drills 9MM AR24 and 9MM Short Maganov.
    Battle field first aid.
    Casualty extraction drills.
    Force protection main entry and exit skills.
    A In depth understanding for Orders for Opening Fire (OFOF).
    Vehicle checkpoint inspection drills,Clearance and area evacuation.

    Interviews to be held in Cambridge United Kingdom. Please get back to me before the 5th of Oct should you require a interview time,date and location.

    All personnel will be screened during the interview and then pre screened by the British Military Police on arrival. Only after passing the below basic tests and gaining security clearance will you be issued a 6 month international contract with GSS. Failure to complete the required skills,screening and security clearance you be returned to the United Kingdom at the expense of GSS.


    DN Butler
    GSS Ops Manager Afghanistan
    Tell AWCC 0093707803790
    Email: gsskaf@gmail.com
  4. A company with an e-mail addy through "gmail" was always going to be a bit shady.
  5. Do you get paid the 5000 USD TAX free in cash via a brown envelope off a guy in a motorway services?
  6. Blimey, this tool is from the Oberkommandateur der Waltenkommandos and no mistake! Heil Walter!
  7. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

  8. I do think that GSS Global will be a bit miffed to find somebody else using their name in this way...www.gssglobal.co.uk

    It could just be an awful accident at Companies House of course...
  10. While agreeing that this all sounds rather suspect ... In the other place, all contractor personnel are screened before being allowed onto base, unless they hold a current UK security clearance. This is currently being done by the RAF Police. Similar screening is carried out in other theatres but I understand it may have been contracted out?
  11. This smacks of waltism...just enough data to inveigle people in and then a lot of questions, the answers to which would be a walt's orgasm.

    So...where is the Waltfinder General when you need him??

  12. It has shades of the chopper ex para who recruited in the Camberley area many moons back. Banks?
  13. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Thats exactly the point I was trying to make with the book referance
    Banks/Callan/Georgiou it has a ring about it
    Can't we (arrse I mean) plant someone there and see how many ex Legionaires and Israli SF turn up guarentted someone will have been 1st on the balcony
    Sounds like a walt fest run by a walt for walts(I'm not saying I'm anything special by the way just curious)
    Is it really that simple to set up your own company and then get all that money and facillities handed to you by HMG ?

    We should set up ARRSE enterprise security
    Caubeen could be our figurehead a la Stirling/Mountabttan and all the others who used to finance these things

    We could all get a job it would be fun :wink:
  14. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    Bllody hell, even at my ripe old age I could manage that.

    Think I'm in, mmmm, got till tomorrow to decide. :roll:
  15. PMC type companies mostly using M4 Carbines not M15, or am i being pedantic?? And never heard of a Maganov, but have heard of a Makarov, which is an old handgun.
    And it doesnt seem right, from what im reading, you do all these tests then get offered a contract. I know it mentions electronic CQB but to do all these weapon type tests would be pretty difficult in UK so im guessing they would be held in Afghan (go out there before a contract is issued??)?