Potential paratrooper needs help!

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by mental_hugh, Aug 3, 2006.

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  1. Im 16 year old student from luton and I am going to the RSC (para) in september, i have started training I can pull out a 8 mile run in under 55 minutes, but im strugaling with the 1.5 miler my personal best is 9.20 can i have some advice on how to train for the 1.5 miler and get a sub 9 min run. taking in that im not some skinny county runner but a county rugby player.
  2. Luton...ha..sorry

    Anyway...One guy at my RSC got in for the Paras with a 9:37 run, so I'm sure you'd be fine with that.

    I think going for a run, and then interspersing it with short sprints is a good way to improve. But just keep timing yourself over that 1.5 and you'll get faster.
  3. Mental, I have a bit of inside info for you. When I was down lichfield way recently, we were briefed that the Parachute Regiment would accept run times up to and including 9mins 40secs if the applicant could get top scores in the dynamic lift tests in the gym. My own personal tip on improving your speed for the 1.5 miler is to just keep gunning the route every day, hit it as hard as you can (progressively). Do some sprints/shuttle runs in a park/football field to improve your speed. You've got a good month to improve so work hard and dont worry about it too much. Good Luck.
  4. cheers, thanks for the advice.
  5. As skinn_full said, if you do superbly on one test and not so good on the 1.5 miler, it is likely to be overlooked.
    Good luck
  6. mmmm now bradshaw you are an expert on Para Reg
  7. Wow, Sandy, is that you in the avatar? Your hands are fookin massive! Aren't they Bradders?? :D
  8. If you do fail, you can always live your Para dream here
  9. The title of the thread says it all
    'Potential paratrooper needs help'
  10. Haha, I know a few people who would agree aswell.
  11. 9.20 is sh*t to be honest mate. Keep smashing the 1.5miles over n over untill you improve. To be honest you gotta make sure your under 9min at least or you will be hangin out big style every p.t session. Fitness is big in cic para alot more than upper body strength, work on strength "if" you make it to bn.


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