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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by HH_2, Nov 24, 2009.

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  1. I've seen a "What training have you done today?" type thread on a sports related forum I read and it's quite useful.

    Thought those interested could use this as a place to chat about "what I'm training for and how I'm training" so if you happen to be training on your own or without any coaching/help you can get an idea of what other people are doing and get a bit of motivation to achieve your goals.
  2. I'm training for RMAS in either Sep 10 or 11 depending on a 4th year at uni.

    Just getting into running training again, went out with my mate who's going for RM selection to knock out 12km this morning and he ran me into the ground. Good fun though.

    Anyone else :D ?
  3. Ooops double post
  4. It would be an idea if you posted what your doing in terms of PT.

    Daily exercise and such, maybe your weight height, BMI, Targets etc etc
  5. Personally I started training based on HR for the longer distance stuff, while the shorter stuff is either based on incomplete rest periods (ie I've just done a 3 minute round, there is no way I would be recovered properly within a minute) or getting the HR down to a certain range (usually for sprints/high intensity work up to 3 minutes) I'll use 130 bpm as a gauge of when to perform the next interval.

    I started doing this along with my usual lifting at the beginning of the year but stopped for a few months. At 5 ft 11 and 13 st 6 I performed a 1.5 miler in 8 min 34 after a few months of just the long distance work. Surprising really when I hadn't done any running up until that point.
  6. There are a number of routines already planned out for you if you are unsure as to what you need to be doing.
    The following one is from the PCCBC section on the army.mod website;


    The document is located on the right hand side in a PDF file.

    I have done the four week program and highly recommend it. Once I did the program I repeated the last week of the running program over and over, and do the hardest press ups and sits ups task it sets. Having every sunday as my rest day.

  7. Interesting interval pattern they've got there.

    I might try it out at some point.
  8. Well I'm training for briefing at the moment, I'm a small guy and I'd let my fitness lapse in the last few years since leaving school, and started training a few months ago.

    Currently Push-ups - Fantastic programme this, has helped me immeasureably.

    Sit-ups - Same as above, can't recommend it enough. (Also found these through another arrse thread, wish I could find the OP and kneel at his feet)

    And running 4x1.5miles and 2x2miles a week. I know my distances are quite short and that is something I've been wanting to improve, does anyone have any input? I've been training by myself and so any fresh input from this thread is much appreciated.

    Also I'm only a wee guy, at 5ft 9, 11st <_> Although I have put on 1.5st since starting this training.
  9. You're the ideal size for this kind of exercise. Your training pattern is corect for AOSB, but you may suffer over the longer distances at RMAS so it may be worth doing a longer run of irregular length once a week in place of the 1500.
  10. :D yep probably.

    I'm doing around 3 running sessions a week at the moment, fitting it into my training (between 12 and 14 sessions a week) for my main sport which is rowing.

    Unfortunately whilst rowing gets you fit it creates bad habits for running like making you very heavy on your feet and just running with your head down and your bodyweight forward- Does for me anyway.

    Bit of a pain trying to learn to run properly, but getting better slowly.

  11. Well it will definitely be handy for the bleep test at briefing and main board, they do say that running the 1.5 miles in 10 min 30 sec is roughly equivalent to 10.2 on the bleep test.

    For all round fitness you might want to consider doing some slightly longer stuff, could make it cycling/swimming or playing rugby/football to build up endurance.
  12. I've got my briefing coming up this weekend, all being well at the briefing and passing main board i'm aiming for RMAS Sep 10.

    I do a total of between 60-100 press ups in 2 to 3 sets every day
    Mon: Weights...Chest Arms Abs. 30 mins Swim (as cool down)
    Tues: Track Running Intervals between 90 secs to 6min reps at 4.30-5.00 min miles
    Wed Weights...Back Shoulders Abs. 20 min swim
    Thurs: Run moderate pace 6-10 miles
    Fri: Weights...Legs Abs. Row 20 mins Swim 20mins. Exercise drinking arm, my bad man dancing moves and occasionally 30 secs of bedroom aerobics :p
    Sat: Depending on severity of hangover: Rest/Running Intervals/Club X Country race
    Sun: Long slow run in forest 8-14 miles

    I know this is slightly excessive but i enjoy it, have not found myself being hit by injuries and feel all the better for it!

    Scoteh: Interval or fartlek training is the key to improve your mile and half times, increases your lactate threshold. If you want more info pm me.
  13. HH_2, who do you row for?
  14. At Sandbags is there endurance training on roads? after completeing TA basic I found there was no road running at all, phys was either with PTI or tabbing...occasional beasting thrown in.

    I have an issue with road running at present.
  15. I started going to BritMilFit (www.britmilfit.com) classes back in August, and my cardio has gone through the roof and I would thoroughly recommend it. It is very focused on circuit training so lots of sprints, press ups, sit ups etc. as well as things like log carries and stretcher races. Good all over fitness.

    I'm doing that 2-3 times a week, with a couple of longer runs and some gym work and I am feeling confident about the physical aspects of my Main Board in January.