Potential Officers Insight Course 1-5 August - Pirbright


I know there are many threads concerning these courses, but I was confirmed onto this course a while back and was told I would receive joining instructions soon after.

Is anyone else going on this date and has anyone received there joining instructions yet?

Cheers ABB
Alright mate,
I'm going on this course and received them the other day.
By day sack, are you just goind to bring a spare rucksack?
Lastly, how you getting there?

Cheers JSDEL
Hiya mate,

I'm bringing a small olive green rucksack for the day sack, so to answer your question, yes. Personally I am getting there by car, as I live quite locally.

You? Also, what are you going to wear when you arrive?

Cheers ABB
Probably just wear jeans and a casual shirt, seeing as I'm going by rail.
Also I'm going to try and borrow a patrol pack off one of my mates in the cadets.
See you there.
I will be going in a suit because there is no information regarding what to arrive wearing, and that seems like the safest option as it is a Potential officers course, I think they are expected to be smarter.

Briefing notes say to travel in casual clothing, obviously not ripped jeans, offensive t-shirts ect. So I'm just going to wear smart-casual; jeans, t-shirt, trainers.

My joining instructions don't actually say anything regarding clothing, but if that is the case I will follow the trend.

Cheers ABB

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