potential officers development cse

can someone help with up-to date info? i have just completed a unit selection board and passed, I contacted westbury ref pre rcb and all is ok there, the confusion comes with regard to podc. she, at westbury, seems to think that if pre rcb and podc goes ok you dont do rcb just start the next commissioning cse??

does anyone have info on the course itself? at the moment my oc is trying to get me on every leadership cse under the sun, which in itself isnt bad but time consuming!! maybe putting off rmas too much for my liking, assuming i could make it!
Still have to do RCB - that is one of the points of doing PODC - to smooth of the rough edge so that you can get through RCB


PODC = Best course in the Army by far.

Cat 2 PODC pass is what you need at Pre-RCB to get on it.

Speak to SORLS for further info
As I am sure you are finding out there is no quick was to jump through the various hoops that have been set before you. Essentially you are required to attend Pre-RCB and following successful completion you then attend RCB. There are no shortcuts although POD style weekends that you attend will point you in the right direction. They're are no substitutes for being put to the test on the RCB weekends and at the end you either pass or fail depending on your desire to pass and natural ability....after all being an officer is not for everyone although I am surprised that anyone has told you that quicker routes exist as the training is the same for everyone.

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