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Discussion in 'Officers' started by msr, Nov 12, 2008.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Please use the search function.

    This has been done so many times...

    Do some research and create a wiki page.

  2. But any contributions would be beneficial here.

    Having used the search on ARRSE Serve to Lead is the obvious but not many more.
  3. These are a few I'm trying to get through. All good so far.

    The British Officer
    Leading the Army from 1660 to the present
    Anthony Clayton

    Inspiring Leadership: Learning from Great Leaders

    Soldier: The Autobiography
    by General Sir Mike Jackson

    And of course....The 101 page book that is: http://www.arrse.co.uk/cpgn2/Forums/viewtopic/p=2251037.html#2251037
  4. "Wheels of Terror" - Sven Hassel; it might be out of print now, but an all time classic (well it worked for me...)
  5. For goodness sake, do not model yourself on the author of "Bugles and a Tiger." (unsure about the naming and shaming policy when it comes to authors).

    When I read it as a civvy prior to RMAS I thought he was a very swept up chap; especailly during his times in HQs before the war. I now work in an HQ and realise that he was a remorseless thruster. Going on like that is a very effective way of alienating your platoon from the word go!
  6. Shake Hands with the Devil
    By Romeo Dallaire and Brent Bredshaw

    @ Amazon
  7. "On the Psychology of Military Incompetence" Norman F. Dixon ISBN-13: 978-0712658898
    "Basic Map Reading" Keith Gillard ISBN-13: 978-0582036871 :twisted:

    The McAuslan series by George McDonald-Frasier
  8. I would have a read of "Mud, Blood & Poppycock" by Gordon Corrigan...

    I accept that he does not have all his facts right, and that it is a bit of a rant, however it does give a more informed military view of WW1 and the practicalities of the situation...

    (also a good starting position for an essay..)
  9. The Jungle is Neutral. Spencer F Chapman.
  10. I am tempted to buy that basic map reading book.......my skills are somewhat lacking currently.
  11. Quartered Safe out here - George MacDonald Fraser. Memoirs of the Burma campaign as a private soldier/lance-jack before he commissioned into the Gordons. A brilliant book. I'll also second the McAuslan books he wrote.
  12. The best book I have ever read on leadership is:

    About Face by Col. David Hackworth (US)

    The US's most decorated soldier, commisioned from the ranks and ended up leaving because he felt the Gov't and Army were selling their soldiers short. It is an absolute must.
  13. "Men Against Fire: The Problem of Battle Command" by S.L.A. Marshall great book that proves the Septics have always been pants, in seriousness it is a very good book.
  14. The best one i read was

    "how to polish boots, do drill not look hung-over on parade"

    a good read, although i picked the gist of it when i got there