Potential Officer Interview with the Paras.

If its potential officer then surely you can do it at anytime? not just post AOSB (apologies for idiot spelling rather flabbergasted by snakebite)
Tiffpietiff said:

To gain sponsorship with the Paras, it claims you get sponsorship to the RCB (Obviously the AOSB now)

So how old, considering AOSB candidates are 16, do you have to be to do the POI?
Not really sure what you are asking. Do you want to be a burser/Scholar to pay you through Uni?

Or do you want to get sponsorship to RCB?

Question 1 i do not know the answer to as i am a grumpy non-grad!

Question 2 Go through the application process including fam visits etc.
A unit (TBH any unit) will sponsor you (but they will choose you). If all you are looking for is sponsorship to RCB then just get a capbadge to sponsor you, if you are 16 the chances are the Reg will not give you the tick you want.

Sponsorship is enough of a tick to open the doors for those with the ability to pass RCB and gain entry to Sandhurst, but that is not your regiment. That will be decided at week 22 (or whenever it is now) and the Reg do set very high standards for their officers.
It used to work that a Capbadge had to sponsor you to Sandhurst - through the RCB process (now AOSB). Their hold on you stopped when you went through the door (unless you had a Cadetship, which I think don't exist now) - you would then choose a Capbadge at Sandhurst.

I did not commission into my sponsored capbadge as I had a change of heart pre-Sandhurst and firmed it up whilst their - the sponsored regiment took care of my paperwork, it was explained to me that I need not show allegience to me (and they haven't tried to duff me up since).

If you intend to go to AOSB at 16 (presumably for a sixth form scholarship?) then the Paras may have some options for this - your Army careers office should know the score or the local schools liaison Officer (if you have one). mention that you wish to become an Officer and would like to be Para.

If you don't intend to apply for a Scholarship, for either sixth form or Uni, then I would advise not to tie yourself down with anything - the choice to apply will still be there later and what if you have a massive change of heart at uni (all those pinko-commie-Crack head students get to you...) are you liable to pay back a scholarship.

I chose not to do RCB until my penultimate year at Uni - I knew I wouldnt go to work in Engineering (my degree) by that time, so my choice of Army was made. If you are mad for it now (presumably 16), then apply, good luck and I hope they give you all the support that they can!

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