Potential Officer Insight / Development Day Sept 22nd

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by MLocket, Sep 14, 2011.

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  2. Yeh its like a mini AOSB, partly I think so they can vet who is ready to send onto the real thing so their recruiting stats look good /cynicism.

    I did a mile.5 run, which I was pretty dire at, some command tasks with extra running inbetween and then some group discussion, 3 min presentation on topic of interest type stuff. Don't sweat it too much, but don't go in unready - be able to talk clearly and rationally and with authority. Push yourself hard, be nice to others etc its not a main stage so dont get too **** about it. Listen well at your end of day debrief and work on what they point out for AOSB. Good luck.
  3. Thanks for the advice!

    It says in the notes provided there isn't a question of passing or failing, but is there likely to be some sort of informal classification similar to the C1-4 at briefing (e.g. "we would recommend you wait 6 months before attempting AOSB briefing" etc.)?

    Also, how in depth should my current affairs knowledge etc. be? I read the news daily and try to keep up with whats going on in the world anyway but do I need to be much more in depth with this and things like military history or is this not a big part?

  4. Hi mate,

    I am going to this aswell. There is a post on here saying what is to be expected. You been doing much training for it?
  5. Where is this post, can you link it?
    I've been training as much as I can, but working 60 hours a week makes it difficult!
    What have you been focusing on?
  6. I've been on that and it was very useful for board. They tell you what things to concentrate on before board but no classification, and if they think you're ready they'll tell you to go straight ahead with it.
    They asked us quite a few general knowledge/military knowledge questions but not many people got them right anyway.
    Just practice the pft and have a decent knowledge of current affairs. Make sure you try your hardest in command tasks and group discussion as it is a really good practice to see how tough it can be.
  7. How many were there when you did it and what was the general standard? Are the staff basically expecting you to be at Briefing standard already or is it just supposed to introduce you to what's required in terms of fitness / current affairs etc?

    Basically is it likely to be an issue at this stage if I'm not quite up to the pass-scores yet with press-ups/ bleep test?
  8. hi everyone, I'm attending tomorrow too. Must admit im slightly nervous already. Not sure what to expect.
  9. I attended a POID back in March at Chetwynd Barracks. It was all really quite relaxed in my view. The day started by being split into our respective groups before being led to the lecture hall for a brief intoduction. From here we went on to meet our group leaders, a Captain and Sergeant in my case, and then gave a 2 minute "ice breaker". We then moved on to the gym where we completed a bleep test which was stopped at 10.2 as well as best effort push up's/sit up's within 2 minutes. After this we completed two leaderless command tasks.

    Lunch was then taken in the Officers mess before completing a group discussion on a number of current affairs topics. During this individuals were led off for a chat with another officer, in my case a female Major, which was extremely relaxed. We just had a general chat about my intentions on joining the Army.

    Coffee and Tea was then taken once more whilst individuals were de-briefed by their group leaders which gave a good chance to have a chat with a number of serving officers as well as a few retired Colonels who were knocking around!

    I really wouldnt get too nervous about it. It would probably be best not to make too much of a tit of yourself. Being able to get to 10.2 on the bleep test whilst having a faint knowledge of who Colonel Gaddafi is would be a good start!. I have been told that it is more of a recruitment process rather than actual selection, there was nobody in the mini bus back to the station who was told not to bother with briefing.

    My advice would be just to enjoy it! Take it as a good oppurtunity to meet some like minded people as well as being able to chat to a few serving officers, something which I had no oppurtunity to do before the POID.

    Sorry for the long, first, post!
  10. I went after I had attended briefing so I had a bit of a different perspective. The standard wasn't massively high, I don't think anyone there felt intimidated or anything. It really isn't anything to worry about. The impression I got from being there that it was more just to help you, show you what to work on etc.
    At the end they just had a chat with you about your performance in each section, but they weren't harsh on anyone. A couple in my group didn't say anything in command tasks/group discussion and they were just given advice, not told not to both etc.

    They fired some general knowledge/military questions that not many people got but they didn't seem to worry too much.
    A two minute ice breaker presentation - fairly standard.

    Group discussion - just make sure you're involved in the conversation rather than trying to make occasional very intelligent points. Most of the topics were broad rather than specific. I didn't even know what my topic was but managed to blag something and talk for a bit, which they seemed to like. The group discussion at board was one of the hardest parts so it's very good practice for that.

    Command tasks - Just make sure you are involved are are making helpful suggestions and are having some influence in the group, ie you are not being ignored.

    The group discussions and command tasks were quite relaxed, it wasn't a struggle to be heard like it was at board so it is just a good practice to learn from. Try your best and do well at it here and you will be a lot more confident going into brief and board.

    From what I remember most people got the phys. We did lot's of running around between the command tasks which was a lot tougher than the PFT!

    Overall a fun day! You'll just appreciate how helpful it is pre brief and board as no other areas do it at the moment.
  11. At Chilwell? There's a cruel & unusual punishment.

    Yep, that will be Chetwynd Barracks, although not all the crusties were actually retired I'd imagine!
  12. How did you find today?
  13. I have mixed reviews about the day. I thought it went ok and I put 100% into everything, but my final interview wasn't what I expected.

    I was told that in the leaderless tasks I was very assertive, which I don't believe was a fair judgement since the judging officer missed the 1st half of our task and missed my ideas and what I said. Despite this little setback I was told I could still go forward to AOSB but I may find it a bit difficult and may not get selected. Obviously not what I wanted to hear but there were some positives in their that I took away.

    I think I am one of many that wasn't too happy with being told we wouldn't be able to go to Sandhurst until atleast September. This is a little bit of a set back aswell.

    Tough decision what to do now.
  14. How come you were told not till at least September?