Potential Officer Insight Course?

Im down to go on a POIC in Scotland in July, from the 15-20th.

Was just wondering if anyone else is on the same course, and some general info about the sort of things you do.

ps. This is my first post/thread thing on here, so apologies in advance if its in the wrong place!
Hi Linzie,

Unfortunately I can't give you any information whatsoever, however I am curious as to what stage of your officer application you're at and how you got booked on to your POIC?

I went into the recruitment office in January, and after doing the BARB and giving my exam stuff the staff reccommended changing to an officer application, so I had an interview with Col Southward at the start of May.

Because I'm not 18 till July, he reckoned I was a bit young to go to AOSB just yet, so put me on this which (i think) is what they do with people in their last few years of school. The colonel who's running the course is writing a report on me and they'll decide what I'm doing from there.

So, basically, not very far at all lol.
Well then, it sounds like you've still got a lot to look forward to.

I was in your situation with going for soldier and having the officer recommendation so understand that there may be some areas of entering as an officer that you're unsure about. This forum is a wealth of information and it will point you in the right direction for most things if you use the search function. If you have any general queries then I might be able to answer them so feel free to throw me the occasional PM if curious about anything.

The main advice I've been offered by recruiters and currently serving officers that I've spoken to is the ever predictable "just be yourself" - but it's really true. There were quite a few people on my briefing who tried to exert the characteristics that they believe the army is looking for, but it is always obvious if you're trying to be something you're not.

Good luck with your application and enjoy your POIC.
I've not done a POIC, but after speaking to a few people who have - I've gathered that you have a bash at the fitness requirements of briefing; bleep test and obstacle course, alongside an interview and presentations regarding the role of a junior officer. I can't remember whether or not you have a go at the MAP tests or planning exercise I'm sorry.

Just try to enjoy it, everyone I talked to was very glad to have attended!
I did one last year at Pirbright, so I'm guessing that while some of the activities may be a bit different, the general setup will most likely be quite similar. I'll attempt to give you a runthrough of what my course was like by outlining everything we did. They tried to get in a good mix of adventurous training, and included some "green" stuff too. First day was basically getting us all settled in, putting us into our places in 3 different sections of 8, and then powerpoints on the role of the officer, on sandhurst, and also the captain in charge of the course told us all about his career. Following that i recall having a fitness test (standard pressups, situps, 1.5 miler) , which will be repeated at the end of the course also, but almost everyone decreases in performance due to being knackered.

For adventurous training i remember we had to build a raft as a section and then race the other two around a course, and also did a bit of canoeing. Another day they drove us down to a local military camp, had us on a rotation doing a bit of FIBUA, shuttle runs on the obstacle course (******* knackering) and a good go on the DCCT (like a range but you're shooting lasers at a screen.

Other days included a day and a half in the field, getting lessons such as mine clearance and patrolling, and then being put through a series of tests (against the other sections) like observation, and clearing our way through a "minefield" etc.. following that you'll sleep outside in bashas and be woken up at 5 by an attacking enemy, and subsequently have to tab a few miles back to camp. We did also have to do a planex at some point, but none of the MAP tests that you'll do at AOSB.

All activities are graded, and the DS will be looking at you, and at the end they compile a report on each individual, and give out awards (best in section, best on the course. etc.) and this report gets sent to your careers officer, but im unsure if it gets sent to Westbury for the board meeting whichs happens before your aosb or not.

All in all it was really good and im certain you'll have a brilliant time, it was definitely the highlight of my summer that year and i met some cracking people in my section (we all got along really well). It'll also help when you go to aosb a lot, as it includes a lot of the key skills and tests. I'm fairly sure it really helped me to pass, so you should be glad when you're there that you'll have already experienced what a lot of other candidates haven't.

I hope you have a brilliant time, its a lot of fun.

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