Potential Officer Fam Visit


Has anyone done this course recently that could explian briefly what's involved and the general outline please?



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It's not a course, it's a familiarisation visit. Gives you a chance to look at the Army and vice versa. Be yourself, ask sensible questions, don't invite the PMC to play any dubious sex games unless he/she sends unambiguous signals.

PS It's spelled 'explain'. Hope this helps.
You won't go too far wrong if you learn a little bit of background info about some of the seniors you will be introduced to and are forewarned of their little peculiarities such as buying the Director a pint of Pernod topped with Carlsberg - as he likes to mix it with the rank and file. The Corps Lieutenant Colonel on the other hand is a stickler for Mess Etiquette and will expect you to know and drink all the cocktails associated with actions the Corps has been involved in and to know the names of the two officers who drove into barracks with a bomb attached to the underside of one of their cars around 1988/89

Manui Dat Cognitio Vires.
Don't get too drunk on the last night, then throw up over the interviewing officer's desk the next morning.

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