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Discussion in 'Officers' started by zim4188, May 27, 2009.

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  1. Hi all,
    I've been offered the opportunity to go for a commission. I am currently awaiting an interview with my CO before the whole process kicks off. Unfortunately nobody seems to have any idea as to what happens after that. I would appreciate it if anyone could enlighten me as far as how the whole process works. Any advice regarding the process would also be much appreciated.
  2. Zim - had a bit to do with this myself for a while. What will normally have happened already is that your Coy/Sqn Comd will have spotted your potential and recommended you for interview by the CO.

    Once the CO has had the chance to talk to you and assess you himself, he will decide you have the makings and you will fill in a whole load of forms (sorry, can't remember the names or numbers!). In most units, they will then "invite you" to go before a unit board - a sort of interview panel. If you do well enough on that, you will be put on the 3 month Potential Officers' Development Course at Worthy Down to brush up on all sorts of skills, including maths and English, leadership etc. After that you attend the Army Officer Selection Board and Westbury.

    Assuming you get through all these hurdles, you will then go on the next available course at Sandhurst and emerge about a year later as 2Lt Zim, usually going back to your original capbadge - but not always. The whole thing will probably take about 18 months.

    Good luck, feel free to pm if I can help any further
  3. Roughly speaking as above, however you will not attend PODC without having first attended Pre-RCB (or whatever they call it now a days) This is a course which does what it says on the tin.

    You can not attend this having not attended Westbury. You will do the Main Board within a few days of PODC concluding, and will know results and if passed which intake at Sandhurst you will attend on the day/ day after your main board (as worthy down rushes the results to you).

    Some cap badges will run some form of screening process prior to application however this is not necessarily the case.

    You can commission into any cap badge of your choosing (providing you fit the selection criteria) All bets are off the moment you enter the Academy.

    The process will take a minimum of 2 years from initial expression of interest, to walking out the factory gate. The process time is really dependant on how proactive the chain of command is in pushing your application. (and it is your application – not as some think an offer or a promotion etc)
  4. Agreed although people rarely go back to their own capbadge unless they are members of a Corps. The whole thing would be massively painful if an Infantry Regiment commissioned one of their own.

    I do know that a LOT of scaleys who commission go back to the Signals but that is largely because they are a Corps of 10,000 people and you wont be working with the same people you grew up in the ranks with ;)
  5. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    Not true. We've an ex Bn LCpl with us now - not an issue.

    Another ex Bn soldier went elsewhere, has done brilliantly and, we all agree, would have been fine in his original Bn.

  6. You should think it through before you sign up to this.

    The major issue is that there is no way back; fail to complete Sandhurst and you are discharged (you are actually discharged from the Army on the day you enter Sandhurst, IIRC). I met someone recently who had been injured during the course, treated at length, discharged and told to return when fit.

    [Edited to add that others disagree with me on that one...see below...]

    Having written that, if you are given the green or amber light from your CO, go for it. Commissioning is not something that one should approach lightly, but is a great opportunity if you think you have the skills and courage.

    Good Luck!

  7. Are you sure that is correct? Sandhurst held on to all of my No2 dress until I passed out. It was then sent back to my original Bn. I always assumed they did that in case I was RTU'd and needed it back.
  8. Wrong Lits....

    I was guards and stayed as guards with my original Regtl no until the day I commissioned. if I had failed it would have been an RTU. There is no doubt in my mind.

    ref the Bn lad....... really? thats the first time I have heard of a guy returning to a single Bn Regt. I spent 7 years as a tom and could not have gone from being Choff one day to Sir the next.... would have been an epic fail hahahahaha.

    I don't think it's fair on the individual or the fellas to be honest.
  9. I am quite prepared to be wrong (a not unusual situation for me as my Boss frequently tells me!). The person concerned explained their position to me quite carefully and I haven't checked. I might have got the wrong end of the stick! Maybe it was the major injury that complicated matters.

  10. I'm afraid you are on this one Litotes - I know 2 individuals who unfortunately did not complete the course and returned back to life as a soldier. Both are still serving.
  11. We had a corporal in my platoon at RMAS. But he quit in the first week and RTU'ed. Still not sure why he went. Just felt he couldn't adapt or something or didn't want to go back to bulling and duff diking. Felt sorry for him though. But good luck Zim.
  12. I can't recommend the PDOC highly enough. I did it a few years ago and went back very recently to see on of my lads do his final presentation prior to AOSB. It is a superb course and suits those who have been in the ranks for a few years (we do become institutionalised). It does not teach you to pass AOSB but it does equip the individual with knowledge and confidence which will help him or her at board.

    The AOSB briefing is a requirement and they recommend the individual for PODC from there.

    Note to COC of soldiers going on the course. Please make the effort to see visit your guys and gals for their presentations and social events that they organise. There is nothing worse for a candidate than to have nobody to host at a cocktail party.
  13. My bold. I have an inkling
  14. For 'quit' read 'drank bleach, gouged his own ear drums out whilst screaming "Stop talking shite you waffling old fool"
  15. Yep, that's the one. He's now one of those punchy alcoholics you see in every council estate pub, knocking out 'innocent' pensioners for talking about their time in the army.