Potential Officer Development Day?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by BrewGlory, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. Hi all.

    At my initial interview I was told that I have to go to a Potential Officer Development Day (PODD) at Chilwell, before I can attend a briefing at Westbury. My ACA said that this is being slowly introduced nationwide and will soon become standard practice.

    Has anybody been on one of these days or knows what it entails?

  2. As far as I am aware the PODs course is used to help educate those who may not initially be seen as being as 'socially or culturally aware' or perhaps who may benefit from some development which they might not have received throughout their initial schooling. The guys that I know who have done this have loved it and took part in various events such as trips to the theatre and museums.

    It's not something to be embarrased about but will mean that you will be able to hold your own in social settings where you wouldnt have instantly been comfortable.
  3. Thanks for the reply, but honestly, I don't think this is the same course. As far as I'm aware it is a warm-up to Westbury. You do some of the activities you encounter there to familiarize yourself with them. It only lasts a day. I'm sure I won't be spending most of it in a museum or something. I think the name is causing some confusion because it sounds like the Pre-RMAS course.

    My ACA certainly didn't imply that I lacked social or cultural awareness. In fact he said I have a very diverse background and range of past experiences which I would benefit from at Westbury. He also said that it is soon to be standard practise and the Lincoln office were just early adopters.
  4. You are quite right, i got mixed up between PRAMS and PODS, my bad... Not entirely sure what PODS is but what I mentioned above was indeed the Pre RMAS course, sorry!!
  5. I recently attended a similar event in my area, although it was referred to as a Potential Officers' Activity Day. It lasted one day and consisted of fitness tests (press ups, sit ups, 800m warm-up run, followed by a 1.5 mile best effort run), a set of command tasks, a current affairs discussion and an impromptu lecturette to the rest of the group. It was quite a lot of fun and was a good eye opener for someone with no previous experience of the forces.

    The day was compulsory for all direct entry regular and TA officer candidates, although serving soldiers and UOTC cadets were also encouraged to attend. As I understand it they're being phased in to get a better idea of the quality of candidates before sending them to AOSB briefing.

    Hope this helps,

  6. Thanks Gatsby, that sounds like the one.
  7. I did this day at Chilwell in Jan about two weeks before my main board managed to sneek on it as a bit of prep. It wasn't designed to help you prepare for briefing/MB but allow the Army to take an inital look at you and advise you on if the army was a good move. It is basically meant to replace the inital interview you have with your ACA. If i remember correctly involves a phys test, leaderless tasks (simple ones), interview and disscussion groups.
  8. Hey, Im going to the one on the 20th April.
  9. I received my instructions and a programme outlining the days activities earlier this week. Like hesco_donkey says, it is held at Chetwynd Barracks and is called a 'Potential Officer Insight Day'. My instructions say that the insight day is designed for POs to experience and appreciate the Core Values and Standards of the Army and to assess some of the key physical and mental skills required to be an Army Officer. You will meet and experience training delivered by Regular Officers and senior Non-Commissioned Officers and will leave with a personalised progression plan into the Army.

    It will incorporate a number of individual and team tasks that will assess your potential to enter the Army as an Officer. POs will be divided into syndicates, each led by an Officer from the Regular Army and supported by an Army Recruiter. POs will be assessed throughout the course and at the end will have a chance to discuss their performance with their syndicate leaders. As President of the Insight Day, I will oversee the activities and together with other senior colleagues, will conduct a short suitability interview with each candidate. I will also liaise with the syndicate leaders to determine the recommendation for each PO at the end of the day.

    The programme consists of ice-breakers, fitness assessments, problem solving tasks, discussions and interviews.

    I am attending on the 24th March.
  10. I am attending on the 24th March too but i am really unsure about what it is etc.

    Also tomorrow im on a Pre-Army Development Selection Centre Course??

    If anyone could give me more information that would be great, i am hoping to go in as an officer.
  11. How did you go about booking onto these?
    I have already completed briefing but this sounds like it would be great to go on before Main Board! Any help?
  12. I was told by my ACA that I had to attend an Insight Day before I could attend briefing. He told me that this will become common practice in the future for all officer applicants. I was sent joining instructions after my interview with him. My ACA is based in Lincoln. He told me that they were one of the early adaptors of the Insight Day.

    I suppose you could always ask your ACA if they run a similar day, or try to attend one at Chetwynd Barracks. Looking at some of the other replies, hesco_donkey says he attended an Insight Day before his main board for a bit of prep. You may want to PM him and see how he went about it. He does also say however,
  13. Can you tell me how you were assessed on the day. Is there a grading or a category scale such as at briefing? You say that the army advise you, but is it pass/fail or just recommendations on how to proceed?

  14. Basically i had a meeting with my ACA Advisor and then he put me on this insight day. It comes before the AOSB Briefing so i dont think it would be much use to you now if you have already done your briefing.

    I am from colchester so they are rolling it out here too.

    Apparently it is pass/fail although not implicit.

    Good Luck
  15. Hi all, just thought i'd have a mooch around on here to see if there were any other people going on the same day as me. Looks like i found one so far. Should be good, at least we should have good weather for it.

    Ladams where are you traveling from?