Potential officer course for NCOS

I wonder if anyone can help.

I remember reading that if you are a NCO but have been put forward for potential officer there is a course you can attend before going through all the selection process.

It might be a long shot but i'm sure somebody on here may have a suitable answer on where i can find it as i am unable to remember where it was that i seen it, however i think it may of been a report in soldier magazine a couple of years back.

Any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated.
Did a Pre-Regular Commisions Board in Westbury in '94 basically a 2 day RCB. (Was civ then - a few Ptes and NCOs on it - they were treated same as civs and did ok!)

A great eyeopener, learned a lot about myself and other potential orrificers.

Decided to become reg alcoholic/soldier in the end, but you've gotta decide for yourself, as your bosses for advice, they should give you all the help you need. They can send you away on training days/weekends with pot wodknees to learn the ins and outs of what fork goes where, how to talk like a constipated fruit gargler.

Have a look round - army careers website does some good stuff, local careers offices have dedicated pot officer advisers. Also have a chat with new woooperts in your unit - the're normally keen as - good luck!
I assume you are serving in the Corps, and are regular, rather than TA. If that's wrong, this probably won't apply.

I think the course you are talking about is the Royal Signals Leadership Course, which used to be run at Blandford (and, before that, at Catterick). I don't know whether it is still going, but if you call up the SOinC's Recruiting and Liaison Staff (SORLS - their number will be on the web), they'll tell you. And if you're not already registered with them, you'll find them to be a mine of information and encouragement anyway. Within the Corps I think we probably commission more of our own as DE officers than almost any other cap-badge (including the last SOinC and at least one of our former Major Generals I can think of). You'll find plenty of commissioned ex-junior ranks, who'll be good sources of advice. Get alongside them and ask for their help. And good luck!

There is also the Potential Officers Development Course run by the Army School of Education at Worthy Down, Hants. It's done between RCB briefing and RCB, and it's purpose is to further develop soldiers prior to attending RCB. This may or may not be the course you are thinking of but if you are offered the chance to go on it, do it. Great course. Attended it myself 3 years ago, and although I got the thanks but no thanks from RCB had a great time on the course and learned alot.

Canadian Sapper bloke is right - PM me if you want details on the course - it's great fun! :D

The Royal Signals course is slightly different and is essetially designed to weed out those soldiers who think RMAS is all a bit of a skive. It also makes sure you can handle yourself and acts as a filter for the SOinC's R&LS staff to assess who they may wish to sponsor.

Give it a whirl, and even if it doesn't work out, you'll definitely learn something about yourself. :D
Yup I've done PODC and can concur with the above! It gives you the best chance, as a serving soldier, at passing the Regular Commissions Board. It is basically cultural development - you head off to London most Weds evenings to watch some sort of theatre show. It's great fun!

Oh and did I mention you have your OWN BAR!!!!!!
Ah yes, our own bar. I was a POD too - cracking few months. Make sure you mention it to the interviewing officer at pre-RCB and they will give a category 2 PODC (if you are suitable). This course is hard work but will give you a fighting chance at RCB. It will also get you out of your unit for 5 months drinking heavily in Winchester. Good luck.
accidentalscaley said:
I heard about the worthy down thing, do that instead of the leadership course. thats pure gash
Did you end up being commissioned? I only ask because I think one of the indicators of a good officer is his or her communications skills, and I have absolutely no idea of what you meant in your post, or why you submitted it. Did you do "the worthy down thing"? Was it helpful to you? Did you do the Leadership Course? If you did, why was it gash? Try and help us, here :?
can someone help with up-to date info? i have just completed a unit selection board and passed, I contacted westbury ref pre rcb and all is ok there, the confusion comes with regard to podc. she, at westbury, seems to think that if pre rcb and podc goes ok you dont do rcb just start the next commissioning cse??

does anyone have info on the course itself? at the moment my oc is trying to get me on every leadership cse under the sun, which in itself isnt bad but time consuming!! maybe putting off rmas too much for my liking, assuming i could make it!

any serious help appreciated
I commissioned from the ranks within the last 4 years and can offer a wee bit of clarity I think. R Sigs put you through a Unit Selection Board to ascertain whether you are a suitable candidate or not (akin to a pre inspection). If successful you go onto the RCB briefing, 2 days of testing to ahve a look at you with a view to the main commissioning board. There are a number of possible outcomes:
1. Cat 1 Pass. Straight to main board (congrats)
2. Cat 2 Pass. Serving soldiers get loaded on the PODC (Pot Offrs Development Cse, runs in parallel with the Pre Royal Mil Academy S'hurts cse)
3. Cat 3. Deferall for X months
4. Cat 4. Do one

If you go straight to the Regular Commissioning Board then you have done well but if you get on the PODC course it stands you in better stead (the RCB is then judged in tandem with your course report, dont let anyone tell you otherwise.

When on the commissioning board itself again there are a number of outcomes:
1. Cat 1 Pass. Straight to S'hurst
2. Cat 2 Pass. Straight to Sandhurst upon SUCCESSFUL completion of Pre Royal Mil Academy S'hurts Cse. this is held at Worthy Down. F*ucking awesome course.
3. Cat 3. Deferral
4. Cat 4. Never darken our doorstep again

The PODC and PRMAS cse are both very good, I attended the PRMAS Cse and successfully passed, if memory serves me correctly then PODC has a 1/3-1/2 pass rate and the PRMAS is about 8/10. This comes about mainly because those who are on PRMAS have effectively passed the commissioning board and the course is just a beat up for S'hurst. The problem with PODC is that when they sit the main commissioning board, their 3 month course report goes with them. Instead of trying to sell yourself over the four days of the RCB, you are judged on your 'antics' over a far wider period, more of an issue for some than others.

If anyone has any questions on this then please feel free to email me and I will do what I can to help.

Canadian Sapper, you were on teh PODC when I was on the PRMAS course as I remember. Didnt you get naked at the commissioing board mate? ;)

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