Potential Officer Breifing and Informal Interview

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Rugby_Mad, Feb 20, 2008.

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  1. Hey guys,

    Recieved a letter this morning telling me that I have been invited to a "Potential Officer Breifing and Informal Interview" at my local Armed Forces Careers Office, (which sadly is still 30 miles away).

    I was wondering if anyone had any idea of what I will need to do during the briefing?

    Also what should I wear? Should I expect any physical activites and wear clothes to suit this? Or maybe a simple shirt nd trousers?

    Any replys much appreicated :D
    Thanks in Advance
  2. I think you'll have to dig out the "rupert" trousers and burgandy jumper.

    Might be nice to wear a leotard underneath just in case you need to do some PT!!
  3. Suit or failing that, jacket and tie.
  4. Get a suit on. And painful experience (civvy street) has taught me that there is no such thing as an 'informal' interview. You only get one chance to make a first impression and someone will always be watching you. Good luck.
  5. Wear a suit, have a shave(whether you think you need one or not), tidy haircut (nothing metrosexual) and there won't be any PT involved because they haven't told you to bring anything for this purpose.
  6. Spelling, grammar and apologies for the location of the Careers Office !

  7. You ARE aware, I assume, that you may have to travel further than 30 miles if you do get in??? (sadly) 8O
  8. It is not informal in the least! I got caught by this turned up in trousers, and short sleeved shirt and felt distinctly underdressed.

    My interview covered just about everything from why I wanted to join, what I wanted to do, academic progress, activites, hobbies, current affairs, international history and a little bit of mental arithmatic.
  9. Informal, my perineum.

    I made an offhand 'charming'/twatty jest at mine, which, when repeated word-for-word by a red-faced gunner Col. a few months later made me look quite the cock.
  10. Definitely wear a suit - out of 12 of us, only two of us wore suits (me a girl and one guy). I was really surprised when I saw people turn up in ripped jeans (I jest not). You start with a briefing where, as a group, you're shown videos of AOSB (b), AOSB and Sandhurst. We had a couple of current affairs questions shot at us when we were all together (there was an uncomfortable stoney silence).

    In the individual interview I was asked a few things off my application - my interests (how often i do them, why I do them etc), my current job and what it involves, and why and how I had selected my chosen corps. I really enjoyed myself and it's the beginning of a brilliant process!

    Ooh, just one further thing - be on time!!!! Or, actually, be early!!!! One guy was late - and it was pointed out as he walked in :oops:
  11. Informal... Pish.
    I swear they write this to see what you turn up in as part of the interview process. Damned clever if you ask me. Can't have the wrong sort of chap, what-what?

    Anyway, as previous posters have said, suit. Failing that, jacket and tie. If you can find a pair of chinos and a double-breasted blazer, that would also work. :)

    Arrive 5 minutes earlier than your stated time at the least.
  12. Arrive early, and don't walk in saying 'Hey Guys'.

    Start reading the newspapers every day from now to be ready for topical questions.
  13. My interviews have definately been conducted as informal chats, actually I have to say several of our interviews completely lost the thread of "this is how the AOSB process works etc" and ended up being general chats about politics, religion and the situation in the middle east.

    Looking back on it I've no doubt he steered it in that direction because that was his way of finding out more about you and what sort of person you are.

    I haven't finished the interview process by any means, but so far I've encountered as many different interview styles as interviewers. Some seem to want to put you on the spot and watch how you react under pressure, others seem to want to make you relax and make sure they aren't fobbed off with a persona you've adopted for the interview and that they see what you are really like.

    Although I haven't done main board yet, I'd say one mistake I've learnt from already is don't try and pretend you are someone you are not.

    It took me a long time to work out why one interview (and indeed the whole of the visit) to a particular regiment didn't go very well.

    In the end I came to the conclusion that it was because instead of showing them what I was really like, I tried to show them what I thought they wanted to see- and I must have come accross like a bit of a tit in all honesty.

    In the end I think it cost me a chance of sponsorship by that regiment, but I hope that it was worth it because it was a kick up the arrse, and, hopefully, a mistake I won't ever make again.

    PS. Sorry, I intended just to make the point "Be yourself" nice and concisely, but ended up in a long ramble about my own past muppetry.
  14. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    It's an informal process in that you aren't going to be given a 'result' per se but that doesn't mean they aren't taking a close look at you. If you turn up in ripped jeans and an offensive t-shirt, the least unflattering conclusion the AFCO is going to form is that you are lacking in common sense for showing that side of yourself to your potential employer before you've had any chance to impress them. The bottom line is treat this as you would any other job or career interview, and dress accordingly. The bare minimum is jacket and tie for blokes; equivalent for girls.
  15. And polish your shoes.