Potential New Year Honours List 2011

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Auld-Yin, Dec 28, 2010.

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  1. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    In a couple of days the papers will be full of the Honours that HM Aunty Betty will be handing out.

    Which No-Marks do you think will be honoured?

    David Beckham
    Simon Cowell
    Rita Chakrabatti (actually would not mind if she go one - so to speak)

    House of Lords
    Lembit Opek
    Some Luvveys from an obscure Arts theme (ballet, horizontal PT with Cherie etc)
    Some expenses swilling turds from or previously from House of Commons

    Who do you think will be 'worthy'?
  2. Usual failed politicos getting a leg up to the HoL. A few CS's get the sword on the shoulder. MBE for that lassie who slid down that ice on a tin tray.

    So just the usual people then
  3. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Amy Williams, I believe was our only Gold at the winter Olympics. Not bad for fast sledging!
  4. Jeremy Clarkson OBE for services to diplomacy
  5. I think it should be 'Dame' Joanna Lumley. Or even Baroness Lumley. The rest are dicks.
  6. I think its about time that the "normal" everyday folk who do extraordinary things got the awards instead of some dick thats been paid a fortune to be on tv or kick a leather bag of air around.
    Most of these so called "celebs" aren't worth the time of day, never mind an honour.
  7. What about me? Services to being fucking annoying, can not be less worthy than some of the pricks that will get one.
  8. I wonder how many Ruperts will have creatively written themselves up a nice little gong?
  9. I've seen an advance copy of the Ney Years Honours:-

    House of Lords

    Tony Blair - Services to getting Labour in for more than one term for the first time ever
    Jack Straw - Services to drug dealers, draft dodgers and sex feinds (and that's just his family).
    Tommy Sherridan - Just so the screws in Barlinnie have to call him "My Lord"
    Anne Widdecome - Services to dance

    Groom of the Stool
    Gordon Brown - Services to Macroeconomics and the home reposession business

    Knight/Dame Commander of the Bath (Civil Division)

    David Beckham - Services to advertising underpants
    Mrs Beckham - Services to dieting

    (Military Division)
    Andy McNabb - Services to fiction
    Geoff Hoon - Services to money making machines
    That bloke with the dodgy tache who was Sec Def for a while - Honourary Admiral of the Fleet for services to the Blakey from On the Busses impersonation industry.
  10. Lily Allen - for services to being utterly pointless.

    Peter Andre and Jordan - for services to cringeing entertainment.

    Some tw@t from that Celebrity show in Australia. Also Ant and Dec will probably recevie knighthoods.

    Kerry Katona - for services to weight gain/loss/gain.

    Any University Vice Chancellor that hasn't been knighted will get something.

    The usual round of deathly dull scientists that have invented something that no one wants or has a use for.

    The CEO of Shell - just to see the look on Obama's face.

    John Bercow - to get rid of the irritating little man and his ghastly, grasping wife.

    The bloke that "shared" the hotel room with William Hague, for services to keeping one's gob shut.

    All of Take That for services to ....... not sure really ..... themselves??

    Wagner !

    Those that shouldn't hold their breath:- Byrn Parry and anyone in the TA.
  11. Knighthood for Cruise Liner Entertainer Of The Year, John Prescott.
  12. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    MBE ... GCO and BCO, obviously. Thoroughly good chaps, for services to the Military [and civvies].

    OBE ... Jim Shortt, obviously, for services to Walting [or Walt-outing, in his case].

    MVO ... Kate Middleton, for keeping reasonably quiet about things for a long time.

    ... and many, many more.
  13. To be fair, (and I'm LFC supporter), Beckham hasn't done much wrong. He's not the sharpest tool in the box, but made some good money for what talent he had. You don't see him falling out of pubs and clubs pissed up. Nobody ever believes any of the affair stories straight off the bat, (though god knows why, I'd have dumped the stick insect years ago). His sporting trophies are known and from the top level of his sport. And he is one of the few players who took pride in his England shirt.

    As a 'yoof' role model he's a pretty good one.
  14. Got to agree as a confirmed hater of all things Manc (and I know he is a Southerner before someone starts). He has been active in promoting the UK for the Commonwealth Games, Olympic games and the world Cup and has taken the time to visit the troops in Afghanistan and at those awful Millies.
    I know all of the above also promotes ‘brand Beckham’, however, him and his bint of a wife have enough other sources of income to not have to bother with any of it. He has certainly done more than some to deserve recognition
  15. I worked in a div hq and was given shredding duties, normally just wanted to get rid of the stuff until one day saw my OC name and nominations for a gong, he practically wrote himself up for a gong for actions in Bosnia. Shredded the dam article, he didnt get it anyhow and that was one of the things that has given me a jaundiced view of officers ever since.

    hopefully footballers, singers and celebrities get left by the wayside,

    Joanna Lumley should be considered, as well as Bryn Parry, and the people who do charity work. The ordinary man on the street who has made a difference should be considered.

    Art and culture type luvvies should not get anything, the three letters after their name is an excuse to charge more for their services.