Potential New Business..Partners Wanted.

Been giving this some thought, now there is a bit of the UK that has been suffering a lot of rain for the last few months and there are parts of the world that require water.

Now the idea is this, buy one fuck off great super tanker, fill it up with Scotland's finest fresh water and flog it to the countries in need of water. There will surely be a few start up grants required and I am sure the UN would love the idea. So who would like to join me in this venture.
Why. . . transporting water using only the medium of shipping. Why. . . it's. . . GEEEEENIUS
Maybe they will be willing to give me a loan
i've had a couple of decent business ideas but my latest one is probably the best and would actually help people.

in the UK there is a chronic shortage of bone marrow donors, people are put off registering for this as the proceedure is painful and can need you to take a wk or two off work.

in the US you are allowed to sell blood rather than just donate this and this means there is not a shortage as there are always some students who want to get paid.

see where this is going? i want to open a registrary where people will be paid a small fee to go on the database, now if it is found that they are a match then the patient will sign an agreement stating that they agree to sign over 5% of their earning for the rest of their lives to my company (payments begin as soon as they go into remission), this includes ALL earnings, including benefits or pension until the day they die. 2% goes to the donors and 3% goes to me. if the cancer returns the patient will not be charged for a second donation and the donor would be contractually obliged to donate again (their "reward" would go from 2% to 3% though).

just 5% to live is sod all and very manageable, most of the people ive put this too seem a bit outraged but what they (and the Dragons) need to remember is that in the end more lives will be saved

and all for only 5%
I'm all for flogging dead 'orses!
I get all me marrow from the Deli Counter at 'Asdas
Where have you been for the last 30 years?

Nope.Water is very heavy and therefore very expensive to move.Not cost effective.
If only you had a way of seeding rain clouds and manipulating the weather.............
Here's an idea:

Step 1. Cover a Herc in cotton wool and drill holes in the side and poke a length of hose through it with a funnel on the cabin end.
Step 2. Fill Herc full of booze.
Step 3. Invite Squaddies to come aboard for a free flight with as much booze as they can quaff.
Step 4. Give it a couple of hours - Instant rain cloud.

You can fly to some remote part of the world and trick the local tribes people into thinking you are some sort of rain God, who is able to summon the rain clouds and make it rain on command. Just don't drink any if it's offered to you.
Yes but hat is bottled, the other option is a fuck off big pipeline.
Thats my point. Bottled water sells at 1000 x the price of piped water. Which is why Scotland will never export it any other way.
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