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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by biomad, Aug 18, 2006.

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  1. Hello guys,
    Great site.Well this is my first post and apologies if this topic has been discussed before.Well, I'm looking into a career in the RAMC as an MSO at the moment and I'd like to hear some first hand experiences of the job.
    What civvi jobs do MSOs normally do after service(I'm looking at hospital management)?Does it involve much soldiering and/or opportunities to do military courses and finally where is the MSO's place on the battlefield?Cheers
  2. If you want to be a proper officer, don't join the RAMC as a MSO, there is no really job for the young MSO and when they grow up they become senior bitter and twisted back stabing b@st@rds with no job to do.

    If you want to become an officer in the British Army, join a proper Arm or Corps and still go into Hosp Mananagement after your career.

    If you still wish to join as a MSO, watch you back from the back stabbers.
  3. I disagree with the comments of the previous poster. If you really want to find out what an MSO does visit the RAMC website and get in touch with the RAMC officer recruiting people, who are presumably at Keogh Barracks. There are good and bad points to all capbadges and all functions. Make you own mind up.
  4. MSO? Those little Polish guys in black uniforms who used to stag on with F****NG huge german shepherds in Bielefeld? and all they could say is 'nicht verstehen'..you mean those guys????
  5. Well done. A nice, balanced, articulate and objective response to an honest question. Didn't take long for some armchair critic who obviously has no fcuking idea what he's on about to post a 'clever' reply.

    Bell end.
  6. Sully obviously had a bad experience in a shower room with some MSO at soem stage in their life and hasnt gotten over the resentment.

    If your at Sandhurst, get yourself off on a Fam day to one of the Medical regiments and speak to MSO subbies as well as the more senior Capts and some of the OCs.

    You will get many differing views, but the career education and management of the MSO is rapidly improving as well as the backing now to join the Institute of Healthcare management. There is a very small chance to be able to do a Masters in Healthcare management as well....But the competition is hard..... Civilian University on a Captains wages..... Now that would be fun....

    Just speak to people who do the job, not those who are bitter and twisted and probably dont know the difference between an MSO and an SMO (apart from £40K !!)
  7. Thanks guys.I will get in touch with RAMC recruiting as soon as i can.I am still at uni at the moment so I have a bit of time to make my decision. I am also looking into REME as an option and perhaps work in an RAMC workshop(if thats possible), as I'm studying for a biomedical engineering degree.Anymore comments are welcome.cheers
  8. To be honest fella I am surprised as most of the candidates who end up as MSO's are failed candidates for other Corps or Arms, and very few look at it as their first choice.

    Having said that its a nice change for someone who is keen and eager to do the job to look at it for a career. 1 volunteer is worth 10 pressed men so if you want to do it, do some research and go for it, the Corps could do with people in that role who want to be there and learn the job.

    If you do it, open your ears to the troops you command as some will have a lot of experience in different areas, if you get a good SSM or Tp SSgt they should keep you right and steer you in the right direction, and teach you the ways and means etc, use that time wisely as it will make you a much better officer in the long run with the respect of the troops.

    But yes be aware and cover your arrse if you do well with the troops and produce the goods then you become a threat to those who don't!!

    Good luck.
  9. Utter balls. Want me to throw some facts and figures at you or do you want to go away and do some homework first?
  10. Oh well I bow to your superior knowledge then.

    Things must have changed since I left as they were commissioning from the ranks and other corps when I left as they couldn't get anyone interested.

    If they have then well done to all.

    You were a bit quick to jump all over me there Sky Monkey hit a bit of a nerve there did I?
  11. Thank you.

    Yes, they have.

    Not as quick as you were in spouting completely spurious information old son. :roll:
  12. Has anyone reported that when stood next to you they can hear sounds of the sea, if so you have a great career ahead of you.


    cmon bite
  13. Thought u'd get involved.......
  14. Well 'old son' I have to say that if the change has indeed happened (forever a cynic) it was long overdue as the standard of some MSO's was very p*ss poor and that is not spurious information as I had the misfortune to serve under quite a number.

    Don't get me wrong I am not generalizing, as I had a few who were excellent but I would not say they were the norm.

    Which bracket do you come under 'Old Son'? Or should I say which bracket would your troops put you in?

    However I am glad the Corps finally looks to be getting it's sh*t together as it has been long overdue and I hope the fella joins the Corps and has a long and fruitful career.
  15. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Please do, I am always keen to see how the Corps has moved on from our dingy antiquated past.

    Say, number of MSO's who had the RAMC down as a first choice to those who ended up in the RAMC, that kind of thing.

    Also number of MSO's who transfer out after a few years.

    Oh, and a 'happiness indicator' of MSO's if possible.

    Only because you are the Monkey with all the facts and figures.