One of the local rags running with this story that there is around 50 odd bodies from HMS Dasher which went down in the Clyde in a mass grave and looks like an excavation will take place to ID the bodies. There's also speculation that one of the bodies was used as the corpse for operation mincemeat

EXCAVATION work is set to take place at what is thought to be the site of a mass grave in Ardrossan.
The converted aircraft carrier HMS Dasher sank off the coast of Ardrossan on March 27, 1943, with the loss of 379 of her 528 crew. It is the biggest single loss of life of service personnel not to have been caused by enemy action in World War II.
However, the bodies of only 23 servicemen are in marked graves and the other bodies have not been accounted for.
Excavation team seeks to uncover mass war grave | Herald Scotland

Operation Mincemeat - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Historian claims to have finally identified wartime 'Man Who Never Was' - Telegraph


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The point about the hurry and secrecy is that we didn't want Adolf to find out that we had just lost a (small) aircraft carrier in an incident where no enemy forces were present. The loss was caused by bad design of AVGAS piping in these rather hastily converted merchantmen, one of those consequences of the urgency of war. Some of the casualties were blown clean over the side and would have been PERHAPS suitable substitutes for the corpse allocated for Mincemeat which a top-line coroner might have bowled out as not dead from drowning.
HMS Dasher was lost to a petrol explosion, the Septics were known for their laxity in handling it until the Japs taught them the facts of life. As such most of the crew would have been burned to a crisp (and I'm not being funny) so unknowns were always going to be in the majority.

The poor sod who was the star turn in Operation Mincemeat was a Welsh tramp named as Glyndwyr Michael who topped himself by drinking rat poison or some other such interesting cocktail. I (who am by no means perfect - oh yes I am!) can't see any reason to doubt that.
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