Potential Infantry Officer Fam Visit

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Louie85, Oct 28, 2009.

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  1. Has anyone on here been on one of these? I'm very interested in becoming an Infantry Officer so it sounds like a good idea!!
  2. Went on one of these earlier in the year. A fantastic experience, you'll thouroughly enjoy it. Can't recommend it highly enough, you'll definately leave with a new enthusiasm aswell as a better understanding of army officer life. Also the CATT is a right larf :D
  3. Scoteh, sounds quality mate. I have no idea what to expect but am looking forward to it anyway! Is there much in the way of phys?

    What the hell is CATT?
  4. You do the situps test, pressups test and the 1.5mile run, so its also good experience to do all of those as a group. To be honest the absolute best experience of the whole thing is that you spend all of your down-time and meals in the officers mess, mixing with serving officers from various different corps there on training courses, their wealth of knowledge and experience is invaluable as I certainly hadn't had the chance to just chat to serving officers about their lives in the army in such a casual and social environment.

    The CATT is a simulator, on mine we were split into 2 teams, and then into 2-man tank crews to fight over the Isle of Wight. Fantastic fun - CATT
  5. Ha, also forgot the assault course. Its monstrous, brutal and fantastic fun.
  6. How do you get on one of these visits? Should I speak to my sponsor about it?
  7. Yeah sponsor will ring them up for you and book you in.
  8. sounds excellent, I've just sent my forms off!! Chatting to serving officers especially YO's is by far the most useful thing I have done so far so I am looking forward to picking a few more brains!!

    What stage are you at Scoteh?
  9. Im currently waiting for my briefing, as I had a massive cock-up with my medical questionnaire, with medical records needing to be transferred between GPs resulting in huge delays.

    But hey, just leaves more time to hammer phys and work on MAP tests.
  10. How old do you have to be for these fam visits? They sound great
  11. As far as I'm aware you can go on them at any stage in your application process after you've passed your first interview with your ACA. There were a few 17 year old lads on mine.

    *Edit* Now I think about it, I'm not 100% they were 17, as I do recall them in the Mess having a few pints with us.....Huh.....Call it 18?
  12. How did you resolve that GP mess you were in buddy?
  13. Eventually had to settle for having my old GP send off my medical records, informed the AOSB people and they just told me to send them off when I get them, which will probably be next week, if the postal strikes haven't shafted me too badly. But I was told the earliest I'll probably get a Briefing is January. Quite a gutter given my provisional date was November.

    But almost resolved, so staying positive. Although with briefing in Jan, and presuming a Cat1(which with all this prep time it better be), I reckon I'm stuck with Sept entry at the earliest. Bit of a kick in the teeth over such a simple problem.
  14. An unlucky situation to be in mate, but I shouldn't beat yourself up too hard. I have a November briefing and even IF I get a Cat 1 and IF I can get on (and pass) a briefing in January/February I'm still unlikely to get on the May intake. So in the long run it probably hasn't made any difference.
  15. Thanks Scoteh