Potential IEDs?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Chef, Jun 10, 2010.

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  1. Outside my house was an abandoned suitcase which I called in to the local OB, they were round quite quickly, which is good, I pointed out the relevant item, left by a bus stop.

    PC gets out and rattles it, presumably to check for trembler switches, then unzips it and checks for anti handling devices, then puts it in the back of his waggon and carts it off.

    My questions is are these;
    First; Do the plod treat all reports as unlikely, so shake rattle and roll?
    Second; Have they just got fatalistic, as in 'Ninety nine times out of a hundred etc etc
    Finally do they have no SOP's for reports like these?

    This is no WAH I am not nor ever have been a journalist.
    But the size of bang the luggage could have made?

    By the way I watched it all from behind hard cover, my sprogs were at the back end of the house, I am devout coward.
  2. So what had you put in the suitcase?
  3. Back in the day, when the Irish were the ethnic minority protesting they were targeted as suspected terrorists, much of the UK's population was VERY "Bomb aware", and schools and public buildings regularly practised bomb threat drills. Now, despite 7/7/05 the general population doesn't see IED's in the UK as a significant threat.
  4. Surely you were just wasting police time. Lucky not have been arrested. Every parked car, dustbin, wastebin etc etc is a potential IED. Don't forget to keep an eye out for german parachutists dressed as nuns as well.
  5. Suitcase sized device, what's that, 200m clearance zone? Could have been a big bang indeed!
  6. Which Cuntstabulary Chef?
  7. http://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2010/06/07/FBI-warns-of-suspicious-bag-campaign/UPI-32981275933433/

    Cheap and cheerful.
  8. I'm guessing that situational awareness trg probably doesn't involve rattling it about and then opening it for a look, though. You know, the whole "we only have to be lucky once" thing...?
  9. Met who were involved in the last major attack, hence the query.
  10. Damn! I was hoping it was Lincolnshire.
  11. What you have to ask yourself is how many bags, boxes and suspect packages are found every day. Looking in my pockets I've got 3 found property receipts one of which was for a holdall outside work and another was for a mobile phone left on a phonebox (Very sus or harmless?).

    Good on you for ringing it in but the majority of items have to be treated as harmless lost and founds unless there are other factors (Location, shape, smell, time of day, ticking sound etc).

    The RLC/EOD would see their hoop quite rightly if we kept ringing them out. You're probably talking 20 items of found property per station per day.

    Re SOP's the 4C model is taught to all Plod but experience/stupidity often overides this.
  12. Damn right we would. The Met is not our patch!
  13. Any Infantry Soldier that ever served in NI will have seen the RUC deploy the 'give it a kick/shove/rattle/lift the lid' technique.

    This was usually observed from behind hard cover knowing that if it went wrong nobody would believe you and the section statements would all read "as he approached it, it went off".

    Whilst you can't call ATO out each and every time I do wince when I read and see it happen.
  14. Having found a pile of mortars at the road side in Afghanistan I was extremely pleased. ATO attended and although they never discouraged my proud grin and keeness I could tell they saw it as their time being wasted as it was clearly a pile of Mortars and not an IED (On face value).

    That is no disrespect (They are a group for which I have total respect) to them I just imagine duff calls make up 90% of their duties and I imagine it can frustrate them and even de-motivate them.
  15. In the UK 90% are duff calls, in Afghan 90%+ are real.

    I only ever got annoyed at coppers who knew something wasn't a device (i.e by using the methods explained above) and call us out anyway, just because they need a tick in the box.