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Potential Falklands Oil & Gas revenues in report

After deliberating for months I actually bought shares in Falklands Oil and Gas earlier this week .

A real gamble but if they are successful the returns hopefully will be high .
It's all about oil
Maggie knew about this and wanted the oil so she could crush the miners
If only we still had a carrier
The Americans won't help us this time
The invasion is iminant
The Type 45 doesn't have any missiles that work
The French will give them more exocets
Get the Harriers out of storage now
The rest of South America will attack us now
Penn is a cnut and the Presidente would get it (just in case thread is banished to NAAFI)
Sharkey was right all along

(I just thought I would save us another 6 pages on a Falklands related thread - carry on...)

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