Potential Col.

If an OC squadron took a young junior NCO out of trade just to be his brew bitch for a week does anyone else feel that individual would be justified in making brews with a hint of Class A drugs and then calling CDT?  Just a thought obviously not real people.
The answer would all depend on the whole situation.

What trade is the JNCO being taken out of?
In some units a brew bitch is a good job.

Does he/she/it (equal ops) like being in trade?

Where is the OC taking the JNCO?
Sqn office/Exercise/trip to the States?

How many brews does the OC drink?
Does the OC make any brews in return?

Will the brew bitch gain points for next CR?
Chance to get to know the OC better.

There is no excuse for having class A drugs.
What is wrong with the tried and tested method of just pissing/spitting/cuming in the mug! ;D
Obviously we would not have such things as class A drugs.We do however have some virulant strains of herpes going round at the moment. The topic I was trying to start is, Can senior officers treat tradesmen as servants?
I think brew bitch for a week is a little too short a time for class A drug spiking, however it does deserve a mug ******* or a skiffing of his toothbrush :eek:

Seriously, senior officers need to treat their juniors with respect and no one should be employed as a personal skivvy to anyone - regardless of their trade.
No Officer should treat any soldier, regardless of rank, as a servant. That is a somewhat outdated idea, but unfortunately there are those out there who live in a 'reality gap' and think it their right to treat people badly based on status.  

There has always been a pecking order for making brews; even within a group of siggies the most senior ones would get the sprogs/junior ones to make the tea.  In MoD a major can still be the brew boy for senior officers.  

I believe in 'quid pro quo' in that everyone takes turns to make the brews regardless of rank. There are times when you are busy or have a meeting and need someone else to make a coffee for you, but that should not be the normal state of things.
I think a good cup of urine would suffice, well thats what used to go into the staff's tea urn at 3 div  ;D

Good job they never asked cappacino!! ha ha
you are obviously doing something wrong - if you can't get the boss to get the brews on you have no hope.