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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by recruit, Jan 1, 2006.

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  1. Hi,
    I'm 19yrs old and currently studying for a BTEC National Diploma in the Uniformed Public Services (equivelant to 3 A Levels). I have always wanted to go into the Army but also have a passion to become a Paramedic on civvy street.

    After talking to my college tutors I am now undecided as to whether I should join up as a CMT for the minimum service (4yrs) and then leave to go into the civvy ambulance service or not? Doing this would certainly help my application to become a paramedic, and I would also fulfill my desires to be a reg (am currently a T.A recruit but seem to be getting no where with it). However, is it frowned upon to just complete minimum service, and what are the chances that I will end up staying in for longer?

  2. Forget about CMT, you will probably never see a patient.Do your NHS Paramedic or become a nurse.IMHO
  3. Being a CMT for 4 years probably won't help you to get into the NHS anyway, and you are unlikely to see much clinical work. Go for NHS paramedic, and join the RAuxAF or RNR where your skills will be utilised.
  4. Perhaps if you were considering a civilian job as a bin man or street sweeper then a 4 year stint as a CMT would serve you well. The well versed phrase " when I were a lad" was....

    Join the Army and see the world

    Join the RAMC and sweep it.

    A certain "catterick based unit" which had the numbers 24 and the initials AFA in its title, once had op tour tee shirts made whilst on tour in the Balkans which had on the back a nice motto about road sweeping duties. Oddly enough the powers that ran the corridors of puzzle palace wanted the shirts banning from wear. guilt complex perhaps ?????
  5. they are right son.
    for your first posting as a cmt you go to the med regts which in truth you probably wown't see a patient you'll be busy painting things.

    if you stay over that and get a teeth arms posting as a company or battery medic thats now classed as Primary Health Care. You will see patients but more often than not sprains and strains.
    Although i hate to say it if you want to be a paramedic as i did when i joined stay a civvy and do it that way. Under the new scope of practice as a TA cmt and a trained paramedic you wouldn't be subject to the same restrictions on your skills as a normal TA cmt with only the cmt qualification.

    In the future the cmt string will be split and paramedic and amb tech will be an option but not yet.
  6. Future. What Future.????.
  7. Being a CMT in the TA doesn't seem to be an option at all at the moment. I enquired about transferring from my current unit to the TAMS as a CMT, and was told that TAMS are currently only recruiting (except for qualified medical workers) drivers, cooks and clerks.
  8. So would there be any point in going into the Army at all? Even in a different corp?
  9. Finish your BTEC and try your luck at RCB. No matter what you read here, attending RMAS will stand you in good stead forthe rest of your career and having British Army Officer on your CV will do you no harm either.
  10. Whats RCB? Don't fancy being an officer at all. Will I really be sweeping roads and painting arrse for the whole 4 yrs if I were CMT?

  11. In a word......YES......sorry if thats burst your bubble mate.
  12. whoah, if thats all CMT's nowdays thats put me off becoming one aswell, maybe they should put that in the job desription "retrieve casulties from the front line...... and when in barracks paint signs".
  13. Yes, but dont forget about the tents.....

    While never having been a member of the AMS I did do an 'attached' 3 year fun :lol: tour with a certain Reg FH based not very far from a AMS Indoor Training Establishment that you will know as a TA Medic.

    Great bunch of lads 'n' lass'es in a social way, keen medics and I have to admit experts to the core on Tentage... setting it up, taking it down.... packing it away, getting it out again just to count it, then packing it away again.... get the drift????

    In my whole time in I had never seen such a waste of manpower, just how many times can you pack a tent.... scary thing there was not a lot of medical training going on apart from the odd excercise!!! Talk about 'jack' on the guys, I bet the CMT's didn't join to do 'Boy Scout' tent badges!

    Don't know what the current situation is with the CMT trade and I really really hope it has improved for those in it, but back then (late 90's) from an 'outsiders' view looking in 'Mis-employed' and 'Demoralised' certainly came to mind.

    RCB = Regular Commisioning Board.
  14. It is not all doom and gloom as a Cbt Med Tech. Most Fd Units now have clinical attachments and a joined up, progressive clinical training system. On operations, and there are plenty of those as a Cbt Med Tech, the skills of a medic and of a soldier are tested on regular occasions.

    Check out the last operational honours list which saw a Cpl Cbt Med Tech mentioned in dispatches (MiD) for his operational duties.

    Moreover, the pilot paramedic training course starts later this month which can only be positive.

    There are bad points to all trades and CEGs within the Army but based upon 24 years service, I believe that it is still an organisation where hard work and committment is rewarded.
  15. You seem switched on.....RAF Nursing career?!? Maybe? Give it a look over. Just another option.