Potential Career in Oil Rigs

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Jmacmac, Jun 6, 2012.

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  1. Hi all,

    I am looking to leave the Army at my 12 yr point towards the end of 2013, and am intersted in a new career on the rigs. Can anyone advise me on the best way to go about things, in regards to courses i could do in advance, that may benefit me. Is there much jobs or chances for a soon to be ex RLC Supplier.

    Cheers for any replys.
  2. Piper Alpha

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    Do a NEBOSH course, they always need new health, safety and lipservice gurus to blame this shit on!
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    Its been posted a few times before but Im sure an hour of your time and you'll get through the 50 + pages , I've posted a few times so work from the last page backwards .

    On your resettlement go for :

    Offshore Survival Aberdeen & Teesside - Offshore Safety Training & Offshore Survival Training - Falck Nutec UK - course required will be "Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training - BOSIET"

    You need to make phone call's ..... a shit load of them to be exact and then gauge the response and possibility of gaining employment ! it can happen though just plod along and keep calling.

    As far as Courses at this stage I'd not do any more than the BOSIET ,just make contact with employers , Ive posted many links to companies in the past - they in turn will place you on relevant courses as and when required . As I said gauge from the conversations you have with them , don't waste all your resettlement funds yet !! all the best and ask if you need help or a direction to be pointed .
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  5. My point being, all his questions could have been answered by clicking on a thread link TWO places down from his. If people are so hoplessly helpless, maybe leaving after 12 years and trying to fend for themselves is too rash a decision.
  7. Damn it, why!!!!
  8. Hey Screw the Nut. The original link you are talking about is over 6 yrs old, with some recent messages. I am asking again, so there is some more uptodate info. So wind your neck in Kn0bhead.
  9. Im based in Moray and the oil industry is a big thing here, with obviously a lot of the local civvy lads employed in it. The general consensus from the majority of them is:

    Before you even consider it, have all you offshore survival bumf done.
    Have a bloody good CV relevant to what the oil industry need.
    Send a CV to EVERYONE!
    Prepare for a long wait, especially if you have no experience (unless you have a particular qualification or skill set that the oil industry need)

    But the main one ALL of the rig workers say.........its not what you know, its who you know.
  10. Well if you actually read through it you would notice that it does indeed start in 2006, and continues through to the present. There is a lot of good info in that thread, and the fact it stretches back a few years is pretty irrelevant really. Seeing as you seam to know absolutely zero about the oil and gas industry and working offshore I suggest you bother yourself to read through it.

    Oh, and wind your neck in knobhead.
  11. Rigrat, i have read through the previous thread, and did find it usefull, is it so wrong to post my own Question and get advice/tips from people who wish to help instead of knobheads posting comments that are useless. Cheers

    P.S You wind your neck in Knobhead. xx
  12. Relevant experience would be good although when it comes to safety it doesnt seem to matter , our HSE advisor worked in MacDonalds got his NEBOSH and 6 months later he advising drillers and toolpushers with 20 / 30 yrs experience in the game on safety, and hes not a one off seen it one Stena, OceanRig, Ensco pretty much all the big companies, had two ex monkeys on the last job knew **** all about the game and ended up with fatalities. In my view they should come up through the ranks before getting the position. As to its who you know not what you know, I knew no one in the game and got a start after 4 months its all about selling yourself to the HR girls and I've not been out of work in 14 yrs offshore...touch wood currently in Egypt living the dream....oh yeah Jmacmac you should go far with that attitude ...knobhead