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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Magdovus, Jul 14, 2009.

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  1. I've been told that the only truly bone questions are the ones you don't ask, so here goes:

    I have read many accounts of Canadian Leopard MBTs in Afghanistan that have suggested that, if used carefully, they are very effective.

    I'm well aware that MBTs have a fairly hefty logistics requirement. I have however, seen accounts from Iraq [Dusty Soldiers by Richard Holmes] that have credited the tanks with attracting lots of fire that would otherwise be directed at lighter units.

    Given the potential pros and cons of heavy armour, is it worth sending a Squadron or even a Regiment?

    This question is a hypothetical, because everyone knows this government wouldn't dream of actually trying to win this fcuking stupid war when it can just send squaddies out to die instead.
  2. Combat power apart, I do think there is considerable value in deploying heavy armour - in that it makes a considerable impression on the local civpop, thereby helping bolster confidence in the good guys. It was interesting to watch the reactions of the civpop to CR2 in Kosovo in the early days of the intervention: they'd stare at the old Chally grinding up the high street/goat track with that "fnuck me!" expression on their faces. I'm sure the armour presence was a major factor in both the Serb climb-down, and also in preventing various groups of hot-heads from kicking off....
  3. The rest of your question aside, I think the final sentence is about as bone a comment as I have seen in recent years.
  4. The logistics would be a nightmare, If it has taken over a year to try and get 8 merlin helecopters into Afghanistan how long would it take to get 50 challys there, for effin ever
  5. I don't really see what benefits a tank would bring to the party besides blowing holes in things. Javelin, artillery and JDAM can do that.
  6. Although I agree with the practicalities mentioned above,the PR side of having some heavy armour may be worth the effort.

    Of course it is never going to happen!
    (we can't afford it for one thing)
  7. In logistics terms, how does the support a CR2 needs differ from that needed by Mastiff etc?
  8. Agree with 4(T)'s comment re show of strength. The "impact" of armour often far outweighs the "use" of armour in these environments. Although Fal is right (JDAM, Jav and art'y) can all blow holes, the threat of Chally 2 rumbling up to your compound would likely send out a very clear message.

    Logistics to one side, the liklihood of it ever happening, minimal -not as long as we're pumping HMG's "Hearts and Minds" approach, which heavy armour just doesn't fit with.

    Magdovus - your last comment is crass in the extreme.
  9. We were supported by Chally 2s in Iraq. They stuck to open areas and very rarely took an active part in ops - but they're f*cking huge and you can hear them for miles around - the psychological impact on the enemy was brilliant.
  10. It would probable better if we had a good lightweight towed 155mm gun
  11. We do, unfortunately the gun we designed was deemed too expensive so we sold it to the USMC instead.
  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    My bold.

    The threat of a Chally rumbling OVER your compound, through your house, over your ditch and through the trees right at you as if none of these obstructions to foot soldiers were even there, with thermal imaging cameras spotting your every drop of sweat must be a game-changer surely?
  13. As I understand it one of the big problems is that the armour's still very secret: So we can't simply wave goodbye to shipload of CR2's at Southampton and pick them up again in Kandahar.
  14. I empathise with your sentiments, but would you seriosly have a pop at a MBT with an AK47? Terry knows you have Javelin and a whole host of other hardware yet he still likes to have a pop at you when you are on foot. Question is has he got the cajones or sensibiltiy to take on an elephant with a spud gun?

    I don't have to do the pointy bit that you do mate but if I did I would feel a little more comfortable knowing that if all else fails I could simply squash the *******! Like I say I am not required to do that pointy stuff.

    Edited to ask: Has Opfor got the technology to defeat C2? Or is it a case of make it bigger (dingerr might know?)
  15. Of course they can. A large IED will go through anything, including an MBT.