Potential Army Officer Insight Course 2012

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by ralphy23, Feb 17, 2012.

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  1. I'm going on one this summer (July) in Bramcote and was wondering if anyone here is going on it too and if anyone can offer any tips or anything - I don't know what to expect at all and my ACA only covered it briefly? Thanks x
  2. or not :(
  3. I went on one last year mate, don't worry about it too much! Mine was at pirbright so I am not completely sure what yours will be like.

    Basically, we did two personal fitness assessments, little 24 hour exercise w/plastic weapons, some presentations, officer mess night, skill at arms lessons and some time on the DCCT! It is a good laugh, nothing too formal. Hope that helps, give me a shout if you want to know anything else :)
  4. I'm going on a PO visit to RMAS in two weeks, also looking for some more info if possible :)
  5. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Have you not received any joining instructions? At a guess, you will be shown around the Academy, meet some current OCdts and do some activities which will give you a little of the flavour of the place. It's highly unlikely that you will be tested in any way, made to bite the head off a live chicken or crucified on Old College square. Relax, it will be fun and informative.
  6. I've been on it, and this gent is exactly right.. however I did have to do a PFT, but i'm sure you will cope :)
  7. Yes! and I don't have a chuffing clue what its about, but i'm missing the Nijmegen marches for it this year so it better be worth missing my second year!
  8. I went on one of these last august, just relax and enjoy it! they write a report with recommendations for what to improve on etc for doing selection, and you do some fun stuff.

    Another thing, I was put off the army by it for a while, because i didn't enjoy some aspects at all. I am now in the TA however and bloody love it! So even if you hate some aspects of the course stick at it, the "green" activities arnt a real representation of what itl be like.

    Have fun!
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  9. I'm going! I also have no idea what it will be like. Will I need a suit??
  10. You definitely will need a suit. I went on one of the PO visits last year and a mess dinner was hosted on the last night.
  11. Out of interest, has anyone received any JI's yet?
  12. Is that the one on the 23rd? Cos if so i think i may be going on that one as well.
  13. What are the fitness tests? Does it matter if you fail them?
  14. Offendi

    Offendi On ROPs

    It always matters. Even if you're told it doesn't.