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Discussion in 'REME' started by dennis10, Jan 28, 2009.

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  1. im in the process of joining the army but am in a bit of a pickle. i cant decide whether to become an armourer or operator military intelligence (more likely armourer).
    ive been looking at the blogs for info and have come to the conclusion that armourers do two things:
    1)fix weapons
    2)watch porn.

    i was wondering if there are any armourers who could tell me what 'a day in the life of an armourer' is like.

  2. Biggest porn libraries in any LAD are available from the armourer.
    Yes you do get to fix guns, big ones and little ones.
    Also having a fetish of knifes and dark cellars/dungeons are also desirable.
  3. The day to day life of an armourer depends on the unit that you are attached to. Armd Inf, Tankies etc

  4. Pretty much answered your own question there mate, with the exception that you missed out Warhammer / Dungeons & Dragons.

    Armourers also get hit with a lot of niff, naff & trivia jobs like calibration registers and Health & Safety stuff.
  5. Repairing* No5 cookers because the dumb slop-jockeys have decided to spray them with paint, instead of clean them......again!

    * insert "cleaning"
  6. is there alot of learning about different weapons & trying them out. all i really want to do is blow things up and shoot big and small guns. cant find a civvy job that fills my interest and figured that an armourer is the closest.
  7. You will learn about every weapon that the Army has to offer, from .22 SA80 conversion, up to 105 light gun, and CR2 (upon class 1 training, and eqpt courses). Also the Milan anti-tank.

    When it comes to firing them, you will get to fire the standard weapons, as will every one else.

    When it comes to firing Milan, Mortars, CR2, 30mm Rarden, it depends on how the ranges go, and the unit you're with.

    The unit has to train their own lads, obviously. If all goes well, and they ahve some spare time, and some free rounds then you may (and I mean may) get to play.

    I've fired pretty much everything the Army has to offer, bar AS90, and MLRS. And it's good fun. But it's not a guarantee.
  8. You doddering old bugger it's Javelin now. :)
  9. "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, in my day it were WOMBAT/CONBAT/BAT/Charlie G/3.75"Rkt Lchr/17 Pdr/the tin opener that came with the compo*" (*Delete as appropriate)

    Seriously, Armourer is bloody good fun as a trade; you usually get to shoot things, your porn recognition skills are honed to perfection(as are the blades of your many knives), and all of this Warhammer shite is a momentary aberration in our illustrious history, caused by young tiffy weapons not killing enough squirrels whilst on course.

    Of course, in my day we used longbows against the local brontosaurus herds (mainly down the Passfield Oak).
  10. I'm not that old :(
  11. One of my best mates was an armourer and he is sinrly the most deviant man I have ever met. was the widest, largest and most varied collection of animal porn, this side of Thailand. HE also has the largest collection of weapons I have ever seen in one place. Based on this, and this alone, I recommend this trade.
  12. not that into animal porn. will i feel like an outcast?
  13. No, you'll be brought into the fold.

  14. thats good news, because i aint got a clue where to start.
  15. As all soldiers are sent to Afghanistan, what's an armourers role out there. When one of my careers 'advisors' asked me what armourers do, I said, "stay back at base and clean the weapons and make sure there are no jams and what not". He looked at me like I was a retard and replied, "there is no front and back anymore, everyone is in the thick of it".
    He also started saying to me that if something doesn't work during the battle, armourers are sent in (I thought this was more the recovery mechanics job).

    Are armourers really in the thick of it. Do they come into contact with the enemy etc.