Potato Mortars

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by wg100, Nov 10, 2005.

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  1. Anyone ever made one here? Got any advice for a budding (no pun intended) potato mortar man?

    For some reason I got talking about these with the RSM, now it has got him very interested.
    Therefore I've been 'asked' to produce one in the near future.

    Have seen various sites on the internet, but was wondering who has first hand experience...?


  2. A mate of mine (ex-RCT) now works on the lorries was telling me one
    of his co-workers (ex 3 Para mortars strangely enough) had made an orange gun.
    Not the colour, this fecking thing apparently fires Jaffas nearly 1000yds using
    hairspray type arerosols as propellant.

    He went out with the bloke to do a test fire somewhere in North Wales & he was saying this
    mad bar steward was aiming at sheep across a small valley & getting good groupings at
    good distances. He could hardly speak on the phone as he was laughing so hard trying to
    describe things.

    Am still trying to track any manufacturing instructions to attempt a self build.
    Will post here if i can 'obtain' them. The inventor is jealously guarding his idea
    at present.

  3. Start with a tiny amount of fuel. Too much and it won't work.
  4. My mate owns a car breakers yard abd has been making giant spud guns from plastic down pipe for years. I actually witnessed a Spud ( Barn Piercing ) round go through an Asbestos shed at 80 metres! I can get the Spec of him for you?
  5. Alternative

    1 x Monkey (not RMP) metal tube for driving in angle iron pickets (not royal anglians)
    1 x Thunderflash with handle cut off
    1 x Issue ball of green string (compo cans also fit)

    Test fit ball of string / can in monkey
    aim mortar tube (monkey)
    light and drop thunderflash down monkey
    drop ball of string down monkey

    Ahhhh the joys of sapperhood
  6. Yes!

    Submit all and any plans here! (if that is ok Mods?)
  7. Pretty simple stuff

    Plastic drainpipe. Choose caliber. Tennis ball size is good as it leaves fantastic welts if used in direct fire mode with said tennis balls as they tend to flatten out a bit on impact. Experiment with barrel length for range + accuracy.

    Piezo bit off lighter for ignition of fuel with metal conductor inside ignition chamber. We used a nail.

    Ignition chamber where the hairspray or similar propelent is introduced (we reinforced this with light steel but can be just plastic)

    Hand held or whole hog baseplate-and-bipod your call.

    All in all a good healthy project to get your teeth in to.

    Hours of fun and games. HUNT THE GIMP! :D
  8. Swap the string for a smoke grenade and you have a real 'mortar', so much so that one lad I know was using it during and ex got RTUd for using live rounds!!!! Looked good though!

    We have a REME Armourer who has one as well. We were firing it in Dartmoor over the summer, and got some good ranges and hits on sheep from it.
  9. the reme boys in falklands had created a gas powered tube using cabbages wrapped in masking tape(!) funniest thing ever, seeing a spanner monkey calling out the shots as they landed, reporting one dropped penguin at a range of 150m. Priceless!
  10. Indoor training device for aforementioned Potato Morttar...........the Map Tube LAW 66!!

    1. Take 1 x issue map tube (not the big one), 1 x can of lighter fuel, a lighter and a selection of either a table tennis ball/shuttle cock/golf ball.

    2. Sgts Mess bar during dinner night/exchange drinks/happy hour.

    3. Select a No1 and No 2.

    4. Remove end caps to map tube.

    5. Designate one end as the breech/chamber and the other as the muzzle - do NOT forget which is which.

    6. Squirt a liberal amount of fuel into the designated chamber.

    7. Agitate the device = shake the feckin' thing about. This allows the fuel to become a potent vapour.

    8. No 1 adopts a recognised LAW 66 firing position and selects target. Note: this should be the most humourless git in the bar.

    9. No 2 loads projectile of choice into muzzle.

    10. No 2 operates the lighter and gingerly waves it around the chamber.

    11. Assembled company alternately carry out defecation drills and pointing/laughing at Humourless Git, who should now be semi-comotose on the floor of the bar.

    Note: ITDU will not acknowledge any stoppage drills for this equipment. It has yet to be adopted for Land service.
  11. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

  12. helps the pressure build up!!
  13. You can make a real simple just by going to B&Q.

    You need about 4 foot of tubing from a sink, the trap that fits underneath that catches stuff that goes down the plug hole, an electric BBQ lighter and a can of hair spray.

    Attach the tubing to the plug hole end of the trap, insert the BBQ lighter into the hole on the side where the waste water would go out, I used some cork, glue and tape to hold it in and get a seal.

    Get a potato and cut out a nice chunk using the end of the barrel so it fits nice and snug, push it down about 3/4 of the way with a broom handle.

    Take the bottom off the trap, spray in hairspray for about 2 to 3 seconds and seal the trap as quick as possible, click the lighter and the poptato should come flying out the end.

    We managed to get it to go about 30 meters with your average size trap, so the bigger it is the further it should go.

    Great fun for a tenner.