posts not showing up?

I've kept trying to make a post, but it says it wasn't succesful (error or something). But then looking at my last ten posts, it says I have made the posts, but they are not showing in the forums - unless I look at them through my account if that makes sense?

I'm using Safari, with Mac OS X 10.5.2.


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Database error, A_L due to the recent upgrade. You've to log out, clear your cache and then refresh and that'll sort it apparently.

Good CO said:
Thanks very much for testing this. I'm relieved as this upgrade has been a bit painful compared to normal and I didn't want another problem! Obviously a few people will have this problem for a while yet - could you (anyone reading!) do me a favour and if you notice it happening to someone you could you drop them a PM telling them the cure.

Thanks for your help.

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