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Dingger mentioned i'd lost a lot of posts the other day, he reckoned my post count had gone down considerably. I'd no idea what my post count was as most of the time I use my phone. the post count isn't the issue though but I considered some of the site may well be missing.
I looked for a thread I started using the search it was titled 'Hrt and women of a certain age' the search picks it up but it's not visible.
So is my loss of posts because parts of the site have been lost?


just spent the last few minutes trying to make up a joke about the last post,

give up!!

I remember that thread, it was an old one,
Thanks for the concrete examples. I will look into it.

Regarding the numbers, I did do a complete post recount a couple of weeks ago. There is a tool on the backend to do this which should be run occasionally and recalculates all the stats. I think it handles deletions, but there should be nothing on the scale mentioned.

I have a running snapshot of the site from one month ago so I will check


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can you give me some more details on that - ie. was "dietary advice" the title? Any idea who started it? Some sort of thread recognition feature?
I started the thread it was titled something like 'Dietary advice all recipes in here' no idea which MOD made it a sticky.
It was specifically for recruits and people who were buying protein shakes needlessly.