posts go missing

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by 7.62mm, Jun 23, 2006.

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  1. hi i put a post on here an now it has gone.

    1. why

    2.who has done it

    3. put it back on please.
  2. These are just guesses mind;

    1. Because you were saying something pointless, asking a bone question or being a mong

    2. A MOD

    3. Doubt it, although the "please" was a nice touch - why don't you pm the MOD responsible for the board?
  3. it was cack and of no use to arrse

    i done it

  5. thankyou crabby will do that cheers.
  6. hit a nerve have i i was only being nice an askin WHO HAS DONE IT.
  7. here is a hint, you will not hit a nerve, i can delete, you whinge whose nerve was hit?

    if you want to continue reading it is in the forum it belongs
  8. cheers see you monday????????

  9. Hit a nerve have I? I was only being nice and asking "Who has done it?".

    Welcome to the English language 7.62 - please leave all "chav speak" in the bins provided by the doors.
  10. You've been here what, 5 days? And you've got about 4 topics in the Hole already, very impressive I must say. Anyone would think you were doing it on purpose.

    Edit - Twice Dale, honestly, is there nothing you wont do to make me laugh?
  11. Hello 7.62. You need a little reassuring that ARRSE is a nice, warm place to be. I would like to help you raise your self esteem. Do not underestimate and sell yourself short. If your IQ is 7.62 then round it up to 8. Tell the world.
  12. I won't shove a cucumber up my arrse if that's what you are asking.

    Now shut it, I am trying to get into doomandgloom's y-fronts.
  13. Lying cow. I've got pictures that suggest otherwise.