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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by YekSmesh, Apr 16, 2013.

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  1. I won't bore you and go into to much detail.
    I've been offerd a great opportunity at work (well it sounds great), the only problem is I start phase one basic training in a few months and I don't really want to cancel/withdraw my application incase this job 'offer' isn't what I expect, so is it possible to postpone phase one training for a later intake?
  2. Wow people are going through hell just to get through the application process and you have a start date and you want to delay your intake, how much do you want to be in the army is the first thing that pops in my mind and it will be the first thing that will pop in everyone else's minds. Pull out now so your not taking up a spot on basic, that some-one else who knows that the army is their first proity job choice.
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  3. Yes true i understand it from that point of view but is it going to be fair for other up and coming recruites maybe with lower ADSC scores to have thier place took from them because someone declined their first intake date's and got reserved on the next. ( Not sure if thats how it would be done but used it as example )

    I do understand that some people may get offered in their opinion better options during the app process and this cannot be helped.
    Its hard to say wether it is fair to other's or not mostly on peoples OPO
  4. Apart from the fact that, as Duggy1987 mentioned, others are jumping through hurdles to get onto Basic, and this guy doesn't even seem bothered about when he starts he's basically saying

    'I've got a job offer with the army, but I don't want it if this job is better, But I want to try this job for a longer period of time than I have until I start'

    Imagine if you turned round and said that to a company (non military) They'd sooner recruit other applicants than take someone who isn't that bothered and isn't that serious about developing a career in the army.

    The Army is a fantastic career option, the best for many, if you find better, the job isn't for you. Cancel your application, you're not 100% committed.

    Not only that, but you've potentially wasted recruiters time and funding that could've otherwise been used for other candidates.

    Pull your application and don't waste any more time / money.
  5. Give it a rest you soppy twats.

    You have the right to stop your application at any time until you start training. There is no obligation that you must take up your start date.

    @duggy1987, Some people would say that you have had a chance at basic training, and shouldn't be allowed another.
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  6. I would say that if you see the Army as just another job, then you probably need to have a hard think about what you want, if you want to join the Army then no other job that I know of can offer anything remotely like it

    But at the end of the day, until you start basic, its YOUR life, make your own choices and decisions about YOUR future, make those decisions about what YOU want and when, the army will process recruits through the system regardless
  7. You have no idea what my current situation is like, what I'm like personally, nor do you know what my current job is or the offer I have been given therefore can not comment Ot say weather or not you think the army is for me! Don't talk the usual rubbish and say I'm denying someone a place at basic! I'm not at all! If I started basic and then quite midway then I would be! If I require a later date all they will do is fill my place with someone else that's why i was inquiring if it's possible to apply for a later date!

    The army is something I've always wanted to do and will go ahead do if this new job offer/promotion isn't for me, I intend of joining the army and having a full career not a 4 year stint, that's why I want to do this so I know I'm doing the right thing. I'm keeping my options open and don't want to make the wrong decision.

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  8. Getting medically discharged is a tat bit different to getting a start date then deciding that a different job may be better.
    He's got a choice to cancel/delay his training i didnt have a choice and couldnt help my MD.

    And me getting Medically discharged didnt affect anyone else in the process as this can and does happen to alot of people in phase 1
    Plus i waited my 1 year to re-enlist and the 5 months on my 203 to be accepted
  9. Christ Almight Duggy1987, the OP asked a good question. He didn't ask what your irrelevant opinion was. If you really are bothered by his life choices, then you need to get a grip.
  10. Duffy or whatever your name is no offence but as dreamseller said I didn't ask for your opinion, you don't know me personally, you don't know my current situation or anything about me so you have no right to comment on whether or not you think the army is right for me, dont get me wrong I understand we're your coming from and I understand people would give there left nut/flap to have a date for basic, but I'm 100% sure the army would rather have someone postpone/withdraw there application before phase one so they can bring forward an other applicants date rather than have someone pull out during phase one training, so really I wouldn't be denying anyone a place at phase one would I!? I think I'm doing the sensible thing (you obviously don't agree), I can easily say no I don't want to accept this job role/offer and go ahead and join the army, but what if I get in and find out the army isn't what I expected or it isn't for me? Then I will regret not taking this opportunity or I can accept the offer, postpone my date to a later one, let someone else fill my place at phase one (which I'm guessing they will do), get a taste of this new role and if it isn't for me do what I initially planned on doing and join the army, on the other hand if this job is as great as they're making out it is I can withdraw/transfer my application and join the TA therefore getting the best of both worlds and doing two things I've always wanted to do.....all I'm doing is keeping my options open, been selfish and doing what's best for me, end of the day it's my career and my future i don't want to mess it up, you can't really afford to today especially in todays climate
    (Sorry for the rant)

    So is it possible to apply for a later intake to phase one once you have been allocated a date? Thanks in advance.
  11. You don't come on this forum and then cry when you get a bit of heat about your reasons or situation. The simple and only solution of course is to walk in or ring the AFCO and deal with the reply, not post on the internet hoping for a lot of back slapping "aye mate you will be fine just defer to when it suits you" replies.
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