Postman Pat - the dirty git!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by MrPVRd, Feb 27, 2008.

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  1. My 2 year old has become obsessed with Postman Pat. I have been a reluctant observer of the programme, but I have noticed something of great interest. I do not believe Postman Pat has been limiting his deliveries to mail sacks....

    Pat is a ginger, or gwar to use the vernacular. The ginger hair colour is a recessive gene, and in genetics genes are described as two components denoted by letters. A capital letter denotes a dominant gene, and a lower case letter denotes a recessive gene. In any mix (ie dominant and recessive) the dominant gene is expressed.

    Thus, the ginger gene would be GG, Gg, or gg. But the ginger gene would only be expressed in the "pure recessive" combination, ie gg.

    As we all know, genes are passed on by mating (sh@gging for the unenlightened). One gene letters pair is combined with another gene letter pair (one from each) to give a new gene letter pair.

    Thus GG plus gg could give only GG or Gg (both dominant); GG plus Gg could give GG or Gg (both dominant), Gg plus Gg could give GG, Gg (both dominant) or gg (recessive) and so on. In the case of gingers, only the gg result would be expressed as ginger hair because this is a recessive gene. This can only arise through the first generation mating of a mixed ginger (Gg) with another mixed ginger (Gg) or two gingers (gg plus gg) and can never arise through the first generation mating of a dominant ginger (GG) with either a mixed ginger (Gg) or a pure recessive ginger (gg).

    As ginger is only expressed through the pure recessive gg, the only way of a guaranteed ginger child is through two gingers mating. If a ginger mates with a mixed non-ginger, then the chances are 50-50 that the child will be ginger (one will always be G, the other either G or g). If two non-gingers mate, then the chances are 1 in 4 of a ginger (GG, 2x Gg or gg).

    Now, I have noticed a disturbing over-representation of ginger children in the programme, certainly when compared with parents. Pat is the only pure ginger. I believe that Postman Pat is the father of both Bill Thompson (parents Dorothy and Alf are both brunette) and of Sarah Gilbertson, daughter of the doctor (blonde and unmarried). Statistically, there is a 1 in 4 chance of a ginger resulting from the union of Dorothy and Alf, as opposed to a 50-50 chance of a ginger being sired out of wedlock by Pat "on his rounds"

    Pat - you randy old git!
  2. Isn't it a bit late on a Friday to be talking about alleles, recessive or dominant?
  3. You've got too much time on your hands, but yes, i agree that Pat is a randy old goat!
  4. Sit down, chill out and have a drink..... you must think too much.
  5. Alleles...that's the bit I forgot from 10 years ago!
  6. what the F*ck are you on about.... I'm sober and still can't figure it out :?
  7. If it helps i'm half-cut and I don't have any idea either.
  8. Pats a gwar. Pats been shagging about and so loads of others are gwars as well.
  9. Perhaps he's related to our Prime Minister, there is a close resemblence!
  10. Is it hell a recessive gene! Yep ...... in theory gwar is a recessive gene. But in practice it will always rear it's head. It's like having an erection in the public swimming pool at peak time. If you have one single ancestor who's ginger, your kids are doomed.

  11. Cheers. My cousin's a ginger but his mum and dad are normal as were his grand parents. Should I suspect the milkman or what?
  12. Yeah or the postie! 8O
  13. for the speccy tw@ts amongst us

    Gingivitus is genetic
  14. I concur with PVRd - GWARism is indeed a recessive gene on C16!

    However the factor you're excluding is the likely prevalence of a particular recessive gene in a small rural village population due to Inbreeding!

    Now, since the vast majority of Yorkshire folk that I've met over the years have shown significant signs of inbreeding - heavy brow, webbed feet, stumpy fingers and below average intelligence its fair to conclude that the statistical significance of the higher than average GG prevalence in Greendale is linked to a high level of people marrying their cousin/sister/mother at some point in the past!

    A similar trend can also be seen in Pontypandy, with an unlikley prevalence of Aryan looking characters spread through the village, with some Ginners - although watered down by more recent immigration factors.
  15. fruit flies and magnesium strip next. You doing GCSE combined science?