I'm halfway through basic training, training to become an Aircraft tech.
I was asked by my OC where i could be posted once i'd finished all of my training and i felt a bit of a mongchild when i only knew two of them, being Wattisham and Dishford. Can anyone give me some info or a link on what Regt's i could be attached to and where.
straight out of the box your options are:

1 regt aac in germany (lynx)

3 & 4 regt in wattisham (apache)

9 regt in dishworth (lynx)

5 regt in northern ireland (pretending they are still a real unit and tour dodging)

32 royal artillery at larkhill (model planes)

7Bn Reme Wattisham (getting seen off)

there are more posting but not availible to you at this stage.


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Done your homework then..............

Do you know what a Lynx and Apache look like?

Frigging bats.......I thought they were supposed to be clever?
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