Discussion in 'REME' started by walter_wall, Feb 28, 2008.

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  1. Hi everybody, ive just finished my basic traing and im going to bordon in 2 weeks to start my recovery bits.
    can anybody tell me waht it is really like are there fit birds and stuff.
    i want to get posted to germany after my course where is best.
  2. Cow

    Cow LE

    Why not stay in Bordon (4 CS BN)? Wicked posting, loads of places to go on the piss and you'll still know the birds from when you were at training.
  3. didnt know there was a posting in bordon would that be better than germany cos ive heard germany is brill from my mate cos his dad was there for like 25 years and said it was brill
  4. Bordon is definately the place to be fella, loads of birds, great on the pop, superb!

    Go for it!
  5. Walter,

    it's personal choice really and depends what you after. Germany may be brill for you, or you might find that Bordon is even more brill. Personally I fell that your mates dad may have been right that Germany was brill when he served their, but it might not be as brill nowadays. You might find that Bordon is Briller than Germany?

    I couldn't give a rats Arrse which is the more Brill, as I'll never serve in Bordon, no matter how Brill it might be!

    Over to you...........

    JHQ area - Monchengladbach is a good night out, dirrty and dodgy. I remember ordering a Vodka+Orange in the "Gravel Pit" and was given a bottle of very nasty vodka, complete with lipstick stain and an opened carton of warm "lidl's own" juice...

    Osnabruck - those who have been there recently will know what I mean by "100 Euro, all you can f***" !!!!

    Paderborn - Savoy's, the Highlander, Auld Triangle, Mango's and that is just the squaddie bars. The hot chicks go to Capitol, Ox, Pflaumen Baum and to get smashed, Retchid Mech style, ask for Freddie in Limmericks. (buy him a Jagermeister & coke, then hold on for dear life!)

    I can't wait to see what Munster and Fally have to offer!!!
  7. hahaha the gravel pit, i wonder if my name is still on the wall along with the thousands of others in that chalk, also youve got club 35 in jhq area, sounds similar to osnabruck. germany is good for a first posting get amongst it in unit life, all the piss ups bbqs and adventure training, then try uk for your second posting, not 4bn though, somewhere in colchester and get on the piss there, youll love it dude...airborne
  8. i have been asking for a colchester posting since i was at bordon on my basic course, it is good on the pop and being in 16 AA can't be a bad thing. however, now on my third posting i do hope i will be lucky after my class 1 course next year or maybe the glasgow desk jockeys will send me somewhere else instead as has always happened to me.
    No wonder there are not enough JNCOs in the corps !
  9. :omfg:

    Sparky..... you are a card!!

    But you're right, Bordon has been known as the "Working Mans Arborfield".

    Or Hampshire's Blackpool.

    Or Las "Chalet Hill" Vegas.

    Or even the "Pikey Riviera"!

    Yeah, you go for it mate, it'll put hairs on your chest... or Peroxide Pat!!
  10. milkybarkid, do p company then your pretty much guaranteed a posting to colly
  11. i thought that too, i passed the course ending august 2006, we were the course that did the pre-para in sennybridge whilst most of the brigade where out on herrick. since then been banging PPP into glasgow but nothing has come off, but being so undermanned i suppose i will always just get thrown into gaps for forthcoming tours like i am now! :x
  12. thats ******* terrible mate, no wonder blokes are signing off, congrats on passing your course mate, you done jumps too yeah?
  13. Unfortunatley not, im just a penguin! never had the chance the units i have been posted to are reluctant to even enquire into me getting on a course, never mind binding for a course :cry:
    i was told though that the jumps course has now stopped, i believe it is returning in 2011, is this correct ?
  14. no still going mate, someone had fed you a big shit sandwich there, its discracefull blokes doing all the hard work then not being rewarded with the wings, and if your at a hat unit you dont even get to wear your maroon lid, i did my jumps in november just gone, 6 month wait to get on it tho. im at a para unit though
  15. thanks, that is worth knowing! when i get back from being on course at seme i will get the headshed to chase it up for me, its worth trying