Ok I’m over due a posting now. Only by 3 months but desperate to get out of this Mickey Mouse Sqn I’m in at the moment. Is there anything i can do to get the ball rolling? every time i ask the sqn to speak to manning and records i get fobbed off, :x I'm actually out of the mainstream engineers and need to get back in the thick of it. All advice appreciated :D
If you are outside of the Engrs, who writes the Part 3 on your Confidential? That may be your best bet.

Have been here 6 months over tour now. Am threaders. RE Records are websters and suck ass.
Apparently REMCM Div have a large backlog of postings to get through due to staff illness and the transition to JPA can't have helped the situation any. Sounds like your sqn man management skills need to be sorted out. If you are overdue posting I would have thought you could at least expect something in writing to the effect that you are being extended.

You will likely just have to grin and bear it for now, i am sure they will get round to you eventually. Whatever you do though don't phone MCM direct or your management will have a major sense of humour failure guaranteed.
Sorry, can't accept staff illness and JPA as an excuse. No other Corps or Regiment are experiencing these problems. JPA was not a state secret, there was plenty of lead up time.

Poor drills at the RE desk, methinks.
I'm in full agreement with you Dirk, i'm merely passing on the party line we were fed from MCM Div on their latest chat with us.
Hmm. Love those white wash "Road Shows" that tip up every now and then. What a waste of time. I have never heard a single "Oh sorry, we got it wrong there..." because they have the genuine belief that they are always right.

Makes my blood boil.
Records run by civi's who dont give a F*** about you or your career, if you still have one, we are all just numbers on a computer screen to them, tossers.
It appears our man gaz1927 is a bit of a numpty. Airing your dirty laundry in public without telling the whole truth earns you an O2 thief tag! I have spoken with your 2IC and he is going to recap the whole issue with you. Btw was it really two way traffic as you state?! If you want proper answers, rather than swag, speak to the CoC and actually open your ears! :wink:
gaz1927 said:
Yeah but normaly we have a maj in each regt that can help us out. I'm in a place where we have a WO1 RE(geo) who deals with Records but hasn't got a clue and if your not a geo then its tough. :x :x :x
And there was me thinking it was tough being Geo :D

gaz1927, having interview without coffee anytime soon? :twisted:
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